Wiring Assignments for Denon DL103R...Grovel

The Denon DL103R is a fine value and a fine cartridge. The all Japanese instructions with only black and white illustrations leave me without a clue as to the correct wiring assignments for the cartridge clip connectors. I cannot note any colouring on the cartridge I have.

This is a grovel for basic help!
Yes, you are correct Patrick. That's what I meant when I said I had the right channel but wrong phase. I need better lighting. New eyes wouldn't hurt either. I saw the R and L when I connected mine but I didn't see the E's and assumed the grounds where on on the bottom. So I think we're all in agreement.

You are right! It should be...

Upper Left...Blue, Upper Right......Green

Bottom Left....White, Bottom Right.....Red

E- and E+ are Earth for Left and Right Channel respectively. While L and R are the positive.

Sorry for the confusion! I double check the documentation of my cartridge and confirmed my mistake.
Amandarae and Dan_ed,

That doesn't sound right to me. I agree with Ramond - looking at the back of the cartridge, stylus pointing down, the pins should be:

>Top left=left earth-blue. Top right=right earth-green.
>Bottom left= hot-white. Bottom right=hot-red.

On my 103R, top left is marked EL (earth left, i.e. blue), and top right is ER (earth right, i.e. green); bottom left is marked L (left hot, i.e. white), and bottom right is marked R (right hot, i.e. red).

Are yours marked differently?

The pin assignments on mine is as folows:

Looking at the back of the cart, stylus pointing down:

Upper Left= White
Upper Right=Red

Bottom left= Blue
Bottom Right=Green

Silly me. Right channel, wrong phase. Thanks, Rick. I thought the cartridge was just still breaking in, that really tighened up the bass.
This is from my Denon-103 cartridge instruction manual.

Hope this helps.

looking from the rear of the cartridge.

Top left=left earth-blue. Top right=right earth-green.

Bottom left= hot-white. Bottom right=hot-red.

I went back and got a better look with a magnifying glass. Looking from the back at the pins, R is on the right. Backed up by Tom's clarification, I guess I got the wiring correct.

I'm still confused about the HFNRR channel test and I can't find an explaination in the notes on the cover.
Typically, there are little R and L markers for Right and Left channel, and there are little + and - markers for hot and ground on each channel, molded on the back end of the cartridge body, near the pins that they correspond with.

The wiring assignments are thus:
Red = Right channel hot
Green = Right channel ground
White = Left channel hot
Blue = Left channel ground

It's been over a year since I used mine. Maybe Jphii or someone else can help further.
I don't have enough light to see the lables on the back, but here is how I have mine wired. Looking at the pins from the back:

white red
blue green

I'm not sure if I have the channels correct. I listened to the HFN test record and the sound comes from the opposite side when facing the speakers and testing the right/left channel. So, if this is backwards just turn around while listening and you'll never know the difference.