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What CD player to use with Musical Fidelity X-150
Rega Jupiter is a nice match with JM Labs speakers. I'm using a Rega Jupiter 2000 with JM Labs Electra 905's with very nice results. There are a few for sale here on AudiogoN. Hope this helps, Rick. 
Looking for non-boomy full range speakers
Beheme I had the same problem with my room, 12' X 13'. As Flrnlamb and Bigtee state, the room is the problem. I had a few pairs of good full range floor standers that just didn't sound good in this room. I tried lots of things to get them to sound... 
Which Used CD Player for Under $1,500?
Randal05 Rega Jupiter 2000. It's a killer player for around $1000.00 used. 1 drawback.............. Redbook cd's only. If your looking for other formats, look elsewhere. Rick. 
JM Lab Electra users.... speaker cable termination
I have the Electra 905's and use Zu Cable biwire wax speaker cables with banana's. Works great for me. There have been many discussions here on AudiogoN for spade/banana terminations. You could check the archives. Rick. 
Were to go after a Rega Planet 2000?
I agree with Muzikat. If you really like the Rega planet 2000, Step up to the Rega Jupiter 2000. You won't look back. I purchased the Jupiter 2000 and i'm very happy. Sounds just like what you're looking for. You can buy one used for around $1000... 
Wiring Assignments for Denon DL103R...Grovel
This is from my Denon-103 cartridge instruction manual. Hope this helps.looking from the rear of the cartridge. Top left=left earth-blue. Top right=right earth-green. Bottom left= hot-white. Bottom right=hot-red. Rick. 
Room size and speaker position
Kray, I guess the easiest way to explain this would be to use the corner as the back wall and move the speakers out from there. The corner will be close to the center point between the speakers. It doesn't have to be exactly centered with the corn... 
Room size and speaker position
Kray I have an 11'X13' spare bedroom that I converted to a dedicated listening room. I tried all the standard setup procedures and found the best results suggested from a fellow audiogoner. He suggested to set the room up in a diagnal. It's been a... 
Turntable plays 33.5 Lps very slow
If I was a betting man i'd say the belt needs to be replaced. Running at 45rpm the larger pulley is used and takes up the slack. Does the belt seem loose in the 33rpm position ? Rick. 
Best used cd player under $1000
I'll second Jlamb's suggestion. Rega Jupiter 2000. Cool looking player and top loading. 
Why Sellers Forget To Update Ads, Sold/ Pending
Thanks to all who responded to this. Thought that this thread might be interesting.Vectorman67 "I don't think it tells the buyer you don't trust him. It simply just allows the seller to have continued, possible interest until the money is in the b... 
Question from newbie
Check out the Music Hall mmfCD25. GREAT player for under $500.00 (list$600 and $350.00 used) and will better most if not all players under 1K. It took well over 1K to better this player when I upgraded. All the suggestions made here would be very... 
Congratulations to Marco
Marco. Nice, very nice. Not the usual run of the mill stuff. Very creative indeed. Keep up the good work. You WILL be rewarded for it. 
Cartridge-- M/M or M/C
I think Jependleton has stated some very good points. I also own the mmf7 and am very pleased with the performance to price ratio. I also replaced the stock interconnects with different cables and found ones to my liking. Scrap the original interc... 
To repair or buy cheap?
This could be a failing tube issue. Tubes tend to act like that when they are on there way out. Try to repost this thread under " Vintage Tube Receiver pops and crackles " and see what happens. You should get some feedback from the tube guru's. Ho...