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How to remove a 'press fit' steel ball bearing?
Even when it had a flat spot at the end of the ball bearing, you don't need to remove it. You can use diamond lapping compound to smooth out the flat spot. Then you can use a small teflon, nylon, or brass flat disc placing at the bottom of the bea... 
VPI JMW 10 lift
You can use double adhesive tape to attach a thin piece of plastic or wood to raise the arm higher. 
Different approaches to Tone Arm design
Your guys needs to take a stroll over www.diyaudio.com to see various kinds of tonearm designs:http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?s=6acc14983a3f8155950c23085fd031e1&threadid=87562http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?s=6acc1... 
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE opinions please.
I found that the 6550 tube types provided more dynamic and neutrality and the KT88 types gave sweet tube sound in my Power 2 amp. 
Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 MKIII
I am using the SFD2, MK-2 and I use Stealth Audio silver balance cable connecting Theta Basic transport for few years. This balance cable has an analytical sounds. I just recently make SE digital cable using John Risch schematic. This SE digital c... 
Attention Sonic Frontiers owners.....
I have the SF power 2 amp and SF says that the 2 front 6922 run hot. Had anyone experienced the capacitors under the 2 front tubes got hot and the cap. the labels pealed off? 
Resistors burned on Sonic Frontiers amp
I had SF power 2 and the shorted/bad power tube cause the 10 ohm, 2 watts resistor burnt. 
How one would determine polarity of Altec 808-8G ?
"I also noted that the metal nut/cap that clamping the speaker cable onto the speaker had an dash stamped on top."After looking at different Altec HF drivers. I found that the dash was actually a number 1 and the other cap had a number 2 stamped o... 
How one would determine polarity of Altec 808-8G ?
Thanks for your inputs. I used 3 volts and observed the diaphragm moved forward. It easier to see diaphragm movements if you let the light shinning on the diaphragm at certain angle. I also noted that the metal nut/cap that clamping the speaker ca... 
Anybody heard Galibier or JC Verdier turntables?
Chris, Is this audition address? Teres Audio 80 Garden Center, Suite 10 Broomfield, CO 80020 Would you please provide the auditioning system components like speakers, amp, phono, ect... You did a great deal of research and development. I really ... 
Anybody heard Galibier or JC Verdier turntables?
If Teres direct drive has a wooden platter then it is something really special. A direct drive turntable with 20 lbs lead loaded wooden platter is an 21st century marvelous turntable design indeed. I tried to use a 6 lbs wooden platter on a Techni... 
Anybody heard Galibier or JC Verdier turntables?
Thom_mackris,Is the Serac Turntable available for audition also? 
Anybody heard Galibier or JC Verdier turntables?
Dan_ed,please explain the new direct drive comment:"Chris, of Teres, is orgainizing an open house the night of the 13th and has told us he'll have a new direct drive offering as the top-o'-the-line Teres." Is it a Teres direct drive instead of bel... 
Teres, Galibier and Redpoint
Dan_ed,Do you plan to bring one back with you? Audition and carry, that 's way to go. 
Carts that sound like a Koetsu
Has anyone compared Shelter 901 to Koetsu? Thanks