Wires for a Jolida JD 1000RC and Selah Audio SA-1

I've been out to touch with my audiophile wonder- and wanderlust and last not least with the wonderful people here whose passion I once shared. Hence the question:

I am setting this up for a friend on a budget: What cabling would you suggest, wires which neither subtract nor add, speaker and interconnect.... Anyone around? Albert, Clueless, Gregm, Nrchie, Sugarbrie, just to mention a few of our once noble crew. Goertz came to mind, because of their low capacitance, but then what do I know.....
Dear Detlof, how nice to see you in these virtual shores again!

Onto the technical subject -- actually, I have little to contrubute and was more joyed to see you writing again:)!
Anyway, the Goertz sounds like a good idea but it *may* need a protective zobel although those Selahs are quite benign with a minimum impedance at ~6ohm and max ~45ohm. Sean would be a better advisor than I.

Likewise fro teh spkrs, simple copper magnet wire, ~1,2/1,0 mm may do the trick. It can be mechanically supported by winding around a hose for example -- just two wires w/out shielding. This is very cheap.
For the IC's I would be afraid of using a similarly unshielded wire... with the Jolida's hi input impedance there is likelehood of picking up lots of noise...

BAck to you: How's the voyage?? Cheers
Dear Greg, a joy to have your response. The friend has in the meantime opted for the next expensive model with three drivers, forgotten what the name is, but your idea sounds intreaging. Could use it in my Unimog as well. The travels have been interrupted by an old man*s affliction, but PSA levels are down after radiation, so its only been Sardinia this year, but extensively, now driver and vehicle are in for rejuvenation and plans for spring seem to point eastwards. We will see...Music these days is via walkman and earphones, but it still thrills this old soul.
Cheers and bless your ears (:
Detlof since you brought it up when's the last time anyone has seen Clueless on here? I feel like it's been years! I also can't remember the last time I saw Nrchy, but I feel it's been more recent. Sorry to hijack the thread, and good to see you around Detlof!
Jond, thanks... yes and to continue in the highjacked vein, what has happened to ASA? Wished he were still here.
I searched for Clueless, but his postings are all way back in time. Sean is still around, wished he gave me an idea about what wires to recommend......
What a joy to see your name pop again Detlof! I can't add much in the way of concrete suggestions save the following; if your friend is the least bit DIY-oriented, Jon Risch's and Chris VenHaus' websites have some ideas. Also, there has also recently been a very interesting thread (in the review section) started by Jadem6 called "DIY Interconnects Review" which has a great deal of interesting commentary and many helpful links for those learning about cables. I think the two sites noted above have links there.
Detlof, old chap, lets keep the psa droppin' and the Unimog truckin'! Cheers
Thanks T bone for your kind words and your suggestions, which I'll take up. It warms my heart to get this kind of response from the old gang. Feels great!
Detlof, I never knew you were unimogged. Years ago on some thread here I suggested a modded Unimog as the ultimate offroad luxo-barge with audiophile possibilities galore (as long as the engine was turned off). The thread appears to have disappeared, but I cannot imagine a better way to travel cross-continent when one is obliged to furnish the basic necessities oneself (verticals of Dom Perignon, walls of stators, etc... :^).

BTW, the Jadem6 thread is long and involved and I found it took some re-reading, but it is very interesting. Indeed, there are many links at the end of the review at the top.
Thanks T bone for pointing me to this thread, where obviously some of the best and imaginative brains here have been at work.

I think I'll have a try at Greg's idea with magnet wire, also for ICs and yes, the Mog has turned out to be a perfect choice, though I had to give up the idea of lining the cabin's inside with stators. There was too much of what we here in Europe call Electrosmog and abhore, but I stuck with the Dom Perignon. You were right about that.
Sad to hear of JD's hear condition.......