Wine, audio, and music. How many of us Aphiles enjoy wine when listening to music?

Along with that, are you a member of a wine club and if so, which one? 
what music goes best which alcohol?

no need to specify individual climats 
Wine with woman vocals. Whiskey with rock. Gin or vodka with everything else. 
Is coffee okay? To me it is the biggest drug, coffeine is my number 1 addiction. I also tolerate wine, but love to share it with a company, don't like drinking alone. Someone mentioned vaping here, and I must confess I vape every day since I gave up smoking, Airis Mystica II V2  is my everything. I prefer oil concentrates for vaping, meanwhile most of friends of mine enjoy vaping weed huh. The effect must be really excellent, but I guess these practices require special herbal vaporizers in any case. Honestly I'd better smoked a usual blunt, vaping is great precisely with oil and juices.

Oh, music and wine are my two greatest passions. I like to sit by the fireplace in the evening, after a hard day's work, listening to jazz and quietly drinking white wine. I prefer white, and I just have a bottle that I brought from Cyprus last year, so I think I'll drink it today.

Ah, yes....the classic combination: "Wine, women, and song." Therefore I'd expect the next question being about female companionship while tweaking my turntable. But seriously folks....We are members of Winc wine club. After trying others this club consistently sends wine that never falls to impress. A bit pricey but life's too short to drink cheap wine. A little wine for your stomach's sake and your frequent infirmities advices the Holy Bible.(1st Timothy) I like to obey the Bible as much as I can!  I discovered the problem with the harder stuff I occasionally will doze off. Very disappointing since my wife catches me and makes unpleasant observations. Even better when fellow music lover visits and the adult beverages help facilitate a pleasant receptive environment. Good times are had by all.