Wilson Audio Sophia rev 3

My listening room is 13 x 16' Is it big enough for a pair of Wilson Sophias? They would be driven with a BAT 75se amp. I do like to hear some bass. No, I don't want to use a sub. Has anybody ever considered these speakers to be fatiguing.?


I’ve got Sabrina X in 13x23x10 and I assume that this speaker is comparable to the Sophia. I added subwoofers just for the bottom octave and have the crossovers set very low. I found that the sound was very dependent upon room treatment, which is a work in progress. I suspect that this is a common finding in a small to medium size room. The subwoofers actually made things more difficult and much of my room modifications involved very heavy furniture, carpet with heavy pad, large couch and a number of bass traps. So, I’ve tamed the bass and everything is quite musical and not tiring. I hope to investigate the use of diffusers to improve the soundstage and fine tune the bass traps

On my short journey to my present system, I had a phono preamplifier that was fatiguing and negatively impacted the upper registers of vocals.  Moving to the Audionet phono preamplifier fixed this issue.

Wilson’s do have a ‘house characteristic’. I personally find them a bit harsh with less than incredible recordings. I’d call them honest. 

I own Sonus faber and appreciate their voice - my recommendation is try to get a home audition. You ears are what matters. 

@dpm2340 Sophia are full range so they should be ok without subs. Don’t pair them with bright electronics or cables, treat the room (first reflection points on walls and wall behind speakers, rug on floor at a minimum) and you’ll be fine.

You will be fine. They will be slamming for sure but in a good way. Just have to play with front wall distance, make sure you don’t sit on the back wall. 

I find the Sophia 3 better than the current Sabrina. The 3 just has much better bass and more drive/slam. Not even close. If you listen to soft audiophile music you might like the sweeter tweeter of the Sabrina better. Use a non harsh front end and the Sophia 3 is real nice. 

the perfect listening window is small on the Sophia 3 but not hard to figure out. If you sit too close I find it the sound stage to not be super stable but real nice once locked in. 

Thanks for the help. I listen to a lot of female jazz singers. Krall, Barber etc. Still good? By the sounds bass will be plenty.

You’re fine. Will require some time to dial in the room acoustics and speaker placement but that’s not unique to Sophias.