Will 36 tube watts power my Sonus Fabers?

Hi, I'm thinking about an amp trade to match an AirTight ATM1 to my ATC1 pre. I'm wondering if those 36 watts would power my SF GRand Piano's in a small/medium room. I currently use a 70 watt c-j 11A. Any opinions?
i have a pair of concertos the originals, not home, which are less efficient, 87db, powered by an asl aq1003dt. this amp produces 30wpc and it is more then enough. my room is 12 x 15 with an 8 foot cieling and is opened to the rest of the house which is 40 feet in length. lafish is right sonus faber sound great with el34's. good luck.
I would doubt that it would be enough for that room. I'd go for BAT VK60 at least with the view to upgrade to VK60 monos...