Why are people selling there Marantz pm-11s1's?

First i'm no longer in the business but here's a lttle insider diddy.

The market has been flooded with the Marantz reference level line. This stuff is incedible I have heard much of the line and I have heard also Classe and it gives nothing up and in my experience and opinion is right there at the top.

I have heard the Bel Canto Ref1000's/Pre3, Bryston 4B SST/BP26-DAC, Classe CA-2200/CP-700 and although these are powerful combos; the Marantz gave up nothing in terms of musicality.

The only one that I felt matched the mids and highs for a more nuetral analog type sound was the Classe. the Marantz had a more you are there over the super detail of the big bass of the Bel Canto & Bryston sets.

If you are not in a massive room with large full range speakers think of a reference sub with some very nice bookshelfs. Don't cheap out on the stands and you can get great close to reference cabling here for a song. Spend a little more on power cables than conditioners unless your having real power or ground problems. Buying a $1000 to $4000 conditioner may only colour things and sides there are many mains leads that filter out noise/vibration etc... This can save a lot of money to put elsewhere.

Back to things; speakers listened through were brands such as Dynaudio, B&W, Monitor Audio, Hyperion Design and others.

The main thing I found was that the Marantz was evenly right, through all but the bottom frequencies These PM-s1's are being given away, as low as, $1700.00 on Audiogon. I know of no other product in the market i've seen so lop-sided performance to price ratio period in the last year.

I would like to hear from those who have this integrated and who have loged sometime on them. Would also like to hear what they have with it and compare to? Oh! I've heard the top Marantz Mono's with pre and SA-7S1 Reference SACD Player, so know where it sits there to.


Keith, this is AudiogoN, where everything is for sale. The archives are littered with "Why so many XYZ's for sale?" threads. Now you can add yours to that list. Welcome to AudiogoN, where EVERYTHING is for sale.

FWIW, I am considering a serious downsizing, and the Marantz PM-S11s1 is on my radar screen.

Always check out 'Accessories4Less" they move Marantz refurb's at attrictive prices. Are they in fact 'refurb's' or a way to sell large inventories, on line, at a deep discount. The dealers should be up in arms about this and I suspect that is one reason they do not carry the line.
It's all about "TASTE", I would not sell mine cheap because
I don't know where to get a better one for the price.
This is the best investment I made in my 30 years' music
listening experience.
Look at the prices in Japan & that will explain the "deep" discounts on the huge markups.
I do not know why so many people are selling, because...I just bought one. I was willing to pay more for a super integrated or a power amp, but made up my mind after listening to the level of refinement that this amp is capable of.
After listening to the all new marantz pm-11s2 I can see why people are selling their pm-11s1...it sounds more tubelike! THIS WILL BE MY NEXT INTEGRATED AMP....it gets you close to the performance of their top of the line Reference SC-7S2 and MA-9S2 FOR alot less money!
well, that's great. Enjoy. I have had the Pm11s1 for a while now and just loves it.