Whoever gets those Chapman T-7's just listed

is going to be an extremely happy person!
By the way, FYI I am not affiliated in any way with Chapman or the dealer selling. I am a deleriously happy T-7 owner (been blessed with two pair). Did a day trip and drove 450 miles for the second pair. Totally worth it!
They are hand crafted by Stuart Jones in Vashon, Washington. Only the best parts and matched to exacting tolerances. For $1k you will not find better. They are so good that they won me away from planars, such as Maggie 1.6 and Eminent Technology LFT-8A.

I am, however, in process of getting pair of Apogee Caliper's shipped to me. Apogees are also said to be a standout among planars. I'll likely post my findings on my virtual system. I am looking forward to a great deal of fun comparing notes on two of the most memorable brands of speakers from my past. I had only heard them once, and recalled their impressive sound for over a decade. Now, I am thrilled to be able to own them. A dream come true.

My ideal is to have a pair of planars and box speakers available at all times so that I can switch out as I desire.

But, as far as box speakers go, someone, anyone, please believe me when I say that these are NO ordinary speakers. See my review of them on Audio Assylum.

Blessings; and whoever gets these, email me and we'll celebrate the wonders of the T-7's!
You guys are absolutely right! Somebody who wants a really fantastic pair of speakers should jump on this deal with both feet! I'd buy them myself but I'm having Stuart build me a new pair of Chapman T6 MKII. If I got these T7's I'd have 3 pairs of Chapman speakers!
I'm not affiliated with Chapman Sound Company, but I've been friends with Stuart Jones for over 20 years and I know what goes in to each and every pair of his hand built speakers. Someone will be very happy with these!
Have fun everybody and happy listening!