What would my Rega 25 be worth?

I have a Rega 25 turntable that I have had for many years, I bought it back then just to have an LP playback system but really never used it. I used to go to garage sales and buy entire lots of LP’s. During this past summer I had it serviced and upgraded the motor to the 24V DC motor as well as a new belt put on it. It works perfectly. It also has an Rega Exact MM cart on it, ringmat, and the metal sub base not plastic. I have decided to sell it because I would rather upgrade my streamer. I am not sure how to value it. It was Stereophile Class B many years ago. I will also be selling my Camelot Lancelot Phono preamp $1200 retail , as well, the battery was just replaced at the same time i updated the turntable. What would that be worth? I paid $1295 for the table, $250 for the DC motor and $695 for the cart. I plan to see them this spring when i get back home. Any suggestions as to what they are worth? 50% retail seem fair? $1200? + $400 for preamp? It is in very good condition. Thank you.