What to do with an Audio Note P2 SE?

In an effort to downsize my system in order to simplify my life and appease my wife I'm now using an Audio Note P2 SE as my amp. It's about 7 years old and sounds great! It seems to have enough power to drive my Tannoy D500 speakers, and it seems dynamic enough without using a preamp, though when I did briefly use a preamp the bass improved. I'd say it sounds great with most music; it just lacks the visceral impact of rock. Paired with my AN DAC it makes great music.

Anyway, on to my point. Space for the components is limited. I'd like to add a preamp if possible, if only to be able to add a tuner. But the added dynamics would be a benefit. What preamps are a good match for the AN P2 SE? Is the AN M2 preamp a natural? Is the Soro SE integrated an option? What other brands of amps/integrateds might be an option, pref. tubes but I'm open minded? I must say, though, the Audio Note products always impress me and I'm beginning to become a real fan. A real fan of SET amps too.

The volume control on the P2 SE is scratchy when turned, but otherwise quiet. At full volume there is a lot of hiss coming from the left channel, but I have not been able to ascertain if this is form the amp, DAC, or because of the tangle of wires behind the rack.

This system sounds great! But if only I could add inputs and up the dynamics just slightly I'd be done. Any thoughts? Stick with what I have? Add a preamp? Shut up and enjoy the music? Thanks.
I've been using an Audio Note P2 SE myself for the past few years along with an Audio Note M1 preamp. This is essentially the same combination found in the Audio Note Soro integrated amp. I haven't compared the M1 to the M2, but the M2 is reputed to have a more refined sound.

You're right regarding the effect a good preamp will have with the P2 SE. More bass and dynamics. The P2 SE though by itself is more transparent sounding in my experience.

What to do? Personally, I would go for the M2. The Soro integrated, good as it is, does not offer the flexability of a separates as far as upgrading either the amp or preamp. Plus you already have the P2 SE. Perhaps the solution is to try out both the M1 and M2 with your amp, if possible, and see which one you like the best. I'd be interested in the results of that comparison as I have my eye on the M2 as a possible future upgrade.

Good luck and let us know what you decide upon.
Try the new M2 which is transformer coupled and gives a much more natural sound than the old one. I'm using one in a second system and it is a great piece of equipment. Also it is remote controlled.
The M2 is a wonderful piece of equipment but also a substantial increase in price over the M1 preamp. Acquisition of a Soro would allow true biamping (with a suitable tube electronic crossover) should one ever desire to do this. The Soro is a full size chassis so that is at odds with the space issue. The M1 is the same size as the P2SE and is a fine preamp for half the money of the tranformer coupled (unnecessary feature according to Truesound when used with an Audio Note amp if I heard him correctly) M2.

Also, if space is a consideration the M2 is a full sized chassis now. Prior versions were the compact chassis used for the M1, P1/P2, and DAC 1>4.