Experience with Puritan Audio 136 Purifier

Hi All -

I've spent the last few months researching power conditioners with some level of surge protection. After reviewing multiple options, I narrowed my search to the Puritan Audio line of products, pulling the trigger on the less expensive model, the 136 Purifier. 

A particular influence was the comparison video done by Mike the OCD HiFi Audio Guy. Decided to call him up and discuss the product and, after chatting about his hands-on experience with Puritan, decided I'd give the product a shot. He's got a great attitude and let me know I'd be able to return the product if I wasn't satisfied. 

The package arrived yesterday, safely wrapped in protective bubble wrap, in a standard cardboard box. I dutifully unpacked the unit yesterday and placed it onto my rack, determined to give it a run out this morning. After having my obligatory second cup of coffee, I rose from my sitting chair and affixed the power cords from my AMP, Pre-amp, streamer and DAC into the unit. I then reconnected my Innuos streamer and sat back down, curious to see what my system would sound like with the Puritan in place... 

To start, I simply tuned into an Internet radio station, KCRW in LA. Within seconds I was struck by the improvement of clarity in the sound I was hearing. What I'd chalked up to being the fuzziness of tubes was, in fact, the electrical junk coming over the power line. It took me all of ten seconds to hear the upgrade in sound quality. 

I then decided to play a Schubert cello sonata with the same result - more clarity and better imaging in the sound. Moving to another genre of music, I put on a DIIV shoe-gaze track of buzzing electric guitars. The result was the same - an upgraded sound from what I'd become accustomed to. 

Mike advised me it to run the product in for 100 hours before coming to a final judgement, so I'll heed his advice. That said, I'm absolutely delighted with what what I've heard so far. The Puritan 136 Purifier - again based on my limited listening experience - has thus far offered me a stupendous upgrade in sound quality. 

Simply wanted to share my enthusiasm based on my experience with the Puritan 136. 



@vinylvalet - In the future, I'm planning on purchasing an additional Puritan for my second unit. I'd welcome your thoughts on how the 156 improves overall performance. Did you start with the 136 and then upgrade? 

Do you feel the 156 is worth the additional expense?  

I was told that 136 gets you 90% of the way there. How would you describe that final 10%? 


Most audiophiles will not be able to tell the difference.

Recently, the US distributor increased the price of the 136 from $1600 to $1800 but the 156 remains the same at $2300. With that in mind, an extra $500 (of course, less if discounted) is a no brainer IMHO.

Thank you for relaying your experience. I have heard very good reports about these products. I have also read reports from people saying they didn't hear much of a difference.


Power conditions vary very widely -- in different regions, towns, homes -- and most people don't have the equipment or knowledge to know how noisy their power situation is. In other words, without that variable, the efficacy of the product remains a case-by-case guess.


I went from a PSM 136 to PSM 156 and the difference with definitely obvious with a lower floor noise which allows more low-level detail to immerge...😁

Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM 136 (audiocircle.com)


Good to be reading the feedback on here as I too have been researching around for a solid power conditioner... so looking forward to testing and using a PSM 156 with a bunch Puritan Ultimate cables for my system. Having guys like Steve Huffington, OCD Mike and the host of "HiFi Cave" on YouTube endorsing it doesn't hurt either. 👍

Hi All - 

Update on my original post. I ended up purchasing the 156 and moved the 136 to my office system. I think the 156 brings a marginal improvement to an already great product.

To get the most out of these Puritan components, invest in their Ultimate cable and run to from the wall to the Puritan unit. I finally upgraded last night and the results in my system were immediate and positive. For anyone who says power cables don’t make a difference, they need to listen to the contrast of these two cable. 

The transformation is indisputable.