What's your goal in system setup?

What type of audiophile are you?

Type I
Simply just want to listen to good music and don't care much about system

Type II
Like good music but pay a lot of attention in detail. Try to build a nice sound system with different component matching

Type III
Like good music and good system. Pay a lot more attention on why things sound sound different from one component to another. Try to understand more in detail in terms of acoustics and electronics and how everything works.

Type IV
Similar to type III. Try to tweak and build each component from AC power stuff, CD player mod, amp and preamp mod, cables, stands... etc.

Is there any catagory I missed?
Type A

Has the unrelenting need to categorize, alphabetize, neatly box up, and otherwise arrange virtually everything from music to interconnects to amplifiers, into a finite hierarchy built like an impenetrable stone wall that protects the sanctity of their righteousness like a chastity belt. Will defend same personal hierarchy as if god him/herself has bestowed his/her personal decree on the individual to be the messenger of all things acoustic to the rest of the world, pointing out the grave error of the misguided ways of others in similar pursuits. Spreads this holy word of righteousness and ultimate salvation on audio chat groups and to whoever else may lend an ear at a party or social gatherings, by endlessly puking up a rainbow of such timeless pearls of wisdom as, "...The PsychoAcoustic Research XB-17 II blows the doors off the competition and will embarass components five times the retail cost". Believes the "absolute sound" actually exists and can be measured and judged in absolute terms by scientific instruments, golden ears, reading tea leaves, phases of the moon, and or the shape of one's bowel movement on any given day. Believes if a tree falls in a forrest, and there is no one arround to hear it, that it does not make a noise, and wasn't worth listening to anyway unless, of course, it is available on 180 grm Vinyl or SACD.

Type B

Pretty much everyone else.

Type A/B (sub-cat. II)

Wise-asses like myself who like to make fun of Type A in hypocritical formats like this.

Based on the many threads I peruse and sometimes participate in here on audiogon, I only have one question: Are there really any Type B's?
I am generally a type II but I have had some type IV tendencies. I built my rack and all my power cords. Ultimately though I would rather turn things on and listen to music, once I get everything in place. I don't move my speakers around for each session or adjust my VTA after putting a micrometer on each LP.

Maybe I'm just an audionut. I spend too much time and money on things that aren't going to last anyway!
I probably fall into the third category, but the goal I have never disclosed to anyone is to make my system better and better until I achieve Nirvana and then die....
GOOD STUFF MARCO (Jax2)!!!!!....very entertaining. It must be fun in your world/mind....

If I "REALLY" do some deep soul searching and be honest about what type of audiophile I really am, I would say that I am a "Type I/Type II" hybrid. I love to listen to good music on a good system. I am one audiophile who happens to think that half of the fun of being in this hobby in the first place, is the journey that you take to reach your destination, if you catch my drift. By that, I mean that I love to take on the challenge of mixing, matching and experimenting with different components in pursuit of building a great system. But once that plateau has been reached (finally achieving great sound from an audio system that I have built with my own bare hands and my own "trial and error" and sweat), I then want to sit back, and enjoy the fruits of my labor, which is what I then would call getting great sound from great music (which what I hope is everything the artist has intended for the listener to hear.......... with nothing added or taken away......... but this is often easier said than done even with the VERY best of audio systems).

I hope that you haven't lost me here, and that this best answers your question.

Best Regards and Happy Listening!!!!!!!!

"Hometheaterphile"....attempts to build a post production suite.Drives all his friends crazy always talking about movies and sound.Wife is positive after watching ,"A beautiful mind" that her husband is John Nash.Endless drawings and sketches, web pages and magazines all support wifes case against husband.Husband finds articles about DIY acoustic treatments and three months latter room is filled with everything from tubetraps to absorbers to diffusers.He is now banned from at least two hifi shops in town and they all have,"Stay away orders".Finally he wanders through the internet and comes across....AUDIOGON.....Oh my god...people just like me....I have a place...I'm not a monster...I AM A MAN!!! Thank you Audiogon and all that write in it.Although I may agree and disagree we are in this together and this IS the best hobby in the whole #$%*ing world.....now I must go watch a movie in one of the coolest places in my house..The Video room! Thank you.