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Bluesound Node Does Not Stream Pandora...bummer!
Pandora is now offered as a streaming service on Bluesound nodes  
HT Receivers Compared
I have exclusively used Denon since the 80’s super affordable if purchased used. Around the late 90’s i started using my Denons are pre/pro’s and opting not to use the onboard amps. Once Outlaw audio started making those 200watt monos i was sold. ... 
Rochester NY
I will do that ! Standby :0) 
What Integrated Amp do You use
I cant believe i get the sound i get out of 30yr old MartinLogan Sequels using my Hint6 from Parasound, im not sure if i included the speakers in my first post. 
What Integrated Amp do You use
It seems to be a 4ch amplifier, unless i stopped reading the review too soon  
surround processor?
Recently i began a search for components for a music only 2.0 system. The heart is a Parasound Hint6. It had a feature i dont use the HT Bypasss feature that lets me use the Hint6’s 160watts per ch amp for either music or, you could use one ... 
AppleTV Atmos levels seem off
Yeah, i could look out for a UHD/Atmos movie just to see 
AppleTV Atmos levels seem off
Is it actually bitstreaming if my Atmos flag is detected  ?? Everything is usually MultiCh. Input 
What Integrated Amp do You use
The A/V bypass is pretty cool, and really if ur mains arent over the top difficult, i could see being extremely pleased with a nice set of mains w/matching center and an Atmos receiver, real cool options for someone torn between 2ch and 7.1.4 
Any Parasound Hint6 owners out there
Do you use the phono stage 
Daily Record cleaning
There are a ton of liquid solutions out there, i have a stylus cleaners coming, a used VPI and an AQ fibre daily brush on the way. I’ll need the liquid cleaner and a goat hair brush.No OCD here, just trying to put together a nice package of cleani... 
Daily Record cleaning
How bout stylis cleaning, those rubbery things look cool, like  
Daily Record cleaning
And an everyday liquid or is the brush enough 
Daily Record cleaning
thanx for the great replysI gave up on vinyl when Shure offered the Shure V15 w/ The Shure CD player maybe model 5000, i bought Donald Fagan The Night Fly, first CD. The cartridge got mounted and sold with my Thorens TD165 back in 1985ish 
What Have You Done With Your Obsolete/Outdated AV Receivers & Preamps? 😳
My Exwife threw my Denon 3808i in the woods, as far as receivers go it served me well Lol