What's Going On?

Is that the name of the song?



Also the concert in Texas...11 people...aged 14-23 suffered heart attacks and then cardiac arrest.

Jabbs were required to attend.

75 soccer players have collapsed on the field in Europe in the last 5 months. All heart issues......what is going on?



It’s a great tune with a great empassioned vocal performance in particular that communicates anger and frustration yet hope and  can inspire and as a result make people take notice and can pretty much mean almost anything to anyone which is largely what makes it great.

The same era "Everybody Plays the Fool".

"Tears of a Clown"


"The Hurricane"

I think they ALL have instant meaning to the Boomers.. Out of Korea and into Vietnam, JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter.

Carter might live to be 100 wouldn’t that be something..

The cost of penut butter quadrupled. It’s 6-8.00 a jar for peanut butter, NOW!


A very VERY few are making TRILLIONS and continue to at the expense of a uncontrolled market and run away worldwide government spending on NON government social programs.. Like the invasion on the southern border. I’m from Texas and live in CA, we have a problem Huston!! No doubt about it..


There ain’t gonna be no more Alamos.

You should hear my wife’s family. They are US Latino’s. Born and raised in the US.

Retired Army, Marines, Sheriffs, City Cops and quit a few from the refineries and industrial complexes. Mechanics, Machinest, and a lot of Electricians..

They are ALL putting their old army helmets and flack jackets on. With their new hips their all fit as a fiddle.. I’m American Irish, I like to watch it when they kick a hornets nest. James Brown, more than a Dob Dylan crowd, I’d say. They put Pancho Villa head in a Jar they made no bones about it.. Law AND order, FIRST then we worry about a revolution..


Near as I can figure the song What's Going On? exemplifies a longstanding tradition of writing songs about injustice, that raise people's awareness of moral issues, bring out into the light things the powerful elite would rather keep hidden.


We had a whole bunch of em like that in the 60's.


We could use a What's Going On? type of song today. Instead it seems we have to go back in time to find one. Almost as if people today are afraid to write such songs. Or maybe they do, and it just somehow is hard to find them?  


Can't talk about that here? Really does make one wonder What's Going On?

Guys here's a suggestion don't use the new features to post off topic videos and create threads that will invevitably get deleted?

Assuming athletes are tested regularly it’s unlikely to be due to excessive weed smoking.

It’s not the weather either since global warming is a myth and climate change is usually called the weather.

It can’t be age related.

Or fitness related.


So what could it be?

Poor quality cables, interconnects exacerbating preexisting heart conditions?

Maybe it’s the result of being accidentally caught up in the loudness wars?


Or perhaps we should all ask Dr Fauci?

Or even Dr Gates?

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