What Newer Brands Will Rise to Industry Mainstays?

20 years ago, few mentioned Ayre when considering SS and digital gear, ZYX for cartridges, or Magico & Zu for loudspeakers. A handful of companies seem to endure at a high level with wide recognition and generally, high levels of respect with both consumers and the industry.  For discussion, let's call them "mainstays". These brands are the bread & butter of most high end dealerships and even if sold direct, they're common in high end systems. A few examples...

Speakers: Magnepan, Vandersteen, Klipsch, Sonus Faber

Electronics: Audio Research, McIntosh, BAT, NAD

Analog: VPI, Project, Rega, Audio Technica,

Cables: Audioquest, Cardas

So out of all the brands new or gaining traction in the last 10 years or so, which do you feel will continue to grow in respect, success and influence? A few worth mentioning IMHO, in no particular order:

  • Schitt Audio
  • Line Magnetic
  • Denafrips
  • Devore Fidelity (maybe not so new, but growing in prominence)
  • Hana





Fyne   speakers seem to be getting positive feedback from reviewers and owners .It looks like they will be around for a long time!


+1 Fyne Audio.

Black Ice Audio, previously Jolida, is an up and coming vacuum tube value brand.

@yogiboy Yes, Fyne certainly seems to be getting plenty of attention. I haven't heard them, but they sure like nice. 

@czarivey Not familiar with Lynx, what are your thoughts about their gear? Mytek was known only for pro gear a number of years ago. They've certainly done well in the consumer high end market. Being Brooklyn-born, I get a kick out of their product names. Cheers,