what amps mate well with Zu Definition

have the vac 30/30 sig mk3 now and the sound is very nice,the background could be a bit more quite though.just wondering if any amps are shinning with the Def's???? thks for any advice..
I'm using 18 SET watts per, and there is no going back to SS for this audiophool. Holographic--in a nut shell. There should be some info in the 'gon archives, as well. Maybe not ear bleed levels, but (very)loud enough for me...
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Red Wine Audio Signature 30 is a battery operated, and therefore silent, amplifier which can be used as a single input integrated since it has a volume control. It is available under a 30 day money back guarantee and has been praised highly around the net. Srajan at 6moons has reviewed it using Definitions and liked it very much. He says it compares favorably with the Yamamoto A-08S and the Korneff 45, two of the better SET offerings out there.
If you need help contacting Red Wine or finding the 6moons review, contact me and I will give you further directions.
I have ordered and paid for the Sig 30 for myself but there is a waiting list so I can't as yet provide a personal endorsement. I should get mine in about 10 to 12 days.
And by the way, the Sig 30 costs only $1399.
right now the 21 is direct to the little 30/30.the background is quite noticeable between songs.the Dodd units are not out yet,it should be shipped in two weeks or so.i was thinking on trying the Sig 30 from RWA to see how it stands up to the Vac.
I use the VAC Phi 2.0 and the VAC Phi 220 monoblocks (way more power than I need, but don't want to sell them) on my Definitions and the noise floor is very low and sound extremely musical and inviting. I haven't enjoyed my music this much in years since buying the Definitions.
Macrojack: "If you need help contacting Red Wine or finding the 6moons review, contact me and I will give you further directions."

Seems easier to post a link, yes? Wassup?
What are you using Warren the 6c33b based Almmaro's.I am peeved at the moderators. I wish you had posted something about the druids or tones.
I purchased the Audion Sterling Premier from 213Cobra. He furnished it with KR KT88s. Now them are some serious tubes. He had used that baby with his Druids and (I believe) his Definitions before upgrading to some more serious tubes.
"I haven't enjoyed my music in years since buying the Definitions." I couldn't agree with you more Hifimaniac. In fact, the last time a system did what my rig is doing now, was way back in my Magnaplanar Tympani 1D days, with bridged amps, Audio Research Pre and some things called LPs...I'm having a ball..I would have never thought that I'd become a tuber. SET no less...
Kck - Nothing up. I was just too lazy to bother posting the links unless the guy showed interest. Remember he didn't ask about Red Wine.
However, here they are for anyone who is interested.



Warrenh - When you say you're a "tuber", do you mean couch potato?
older 10k new VAC faces off with new 1.4k RWA Sig 30,more is less thing.i really am interested in this comparo.RWA has a money back,right???? when the Dodd preamps are shipped the system would be battery from source,hummm??
lol...hardly..just finished biking 20 miles after doing a mile swim in the bay...now off to the garden...Are you loving your new Defs?
need a little run in there for a small tri.everyone put down the tripple cheese burger with bacon and get movin'.summer is here and it's speedo time????
Summer's here alright. We hit 104 degrees yesterday. Much cooler in the shade. I'm sure I'd be arrested if I appeared in public in a Speedo. No cheeseburgers at my house. Right now it's homemade pesto time with salsa on the horizon.
Couch potato comment was a pun centered around the use of the word tuber. Look it up in the dictionary. Rhizome. Tuber. Spud.Tater.
Has anyone tried the Sig 30 on the bottom end of Def Pro's?
Macrojack, are ya fool'n wit me? I got ya. I do the Sunday Times Crossword, ya know...lol..BTW, the secret to killer pesto, besides (of course) fresh basil?-- the olive oil. Go for the gusto: first pressing--extra virgin, at the least...
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Zu recommends, Rogue Zeus and the Audiopax models in the way of tubes... Solid state 2 top recommendations seem to be the MCintosh 402, and the DNA-500 which both will be dead silent.
tvad, that's an idea I never thought of. I do them raw, but toasted? Sounds great to me. My wife is a big pesto lover: we'll give that a try. Basil harvest is in about two weeks for us. thanks..
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2bigears- Sorry. I guess I started that gourmet detour.
I'm presently using an RWA Clari-T on the front of my Defs and a Pass Volksamp for the rear drivers. It sounds quite good. Certainly much better than I expected but I suspect that my 6 watts isn't really enough to show off what the Defs can do. This is why I am so anxious to receive my Sig 30. I called Vinnie this morning to see if he got my check and to receive a pinpoint projection as to when the new amp would arrive. All he could promise was that I would have it before the end of the month. It sounds like he's got serious backorder problems developing. I imagine that his sales will increase tenfold this fall before the RMAF. Once he does that show, he'll be absolutely buried.
If you live in Connecticut and want to stuff boards, give him a call. He needs help to keep up with demand.
According to the early buzz, this product is going to bring some welcome changes to the marketplace. World class performance for a small fraction of what it used to cost.
Just think about a pair of Zu Defs and the RWA Sig 30 for only a little more than $10K. How can you beat it?
That would be like substituting parsley for basil, don't ya think? The greatness of pesto is the simplicity and individual character of those basic few ingredients. I'm not a big pesto fan, anyway. A little rich for me, so the wine may do it for me. But it isn't pesto. Kind of like, chocolate covered Oreos. There's only one. Whatever you do to it makes it less than....I'm rambling: The audiogongormet web-site. Can we start something?
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Reggiano: 100 percent for me. Ooolala. Peter Lugar sauce and their Porterhouse for two: doesn't get much better than that, especially at the Lugars by the Williamburg Bridge. And sides to die for...
Also, I would prefer my pine nuts toasted in the oven (or toaster oven) with no added oil to interact with the pine nut chemistry. Enough oil in the pine nut to allow a toasting marvel, I would think. Doing them in the pan is not really toasting them, nor is the flavor that comes from that anything like toasting. Don't want to be picky, but that be my (last)gastronomic take...promise
Was it the mention of Pesto or all this talk about Red Wine that got you guys going gourmet?
hey ya boys,i was gettin' hungry there for a second.what about Red Wine Audio,that Sig 30 may sound good with the Zu Defs ????
I clicked on Audiogon and somehow wound up on Emeril Lagasse's site. BAM !

What time is dinner, Grant?
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"is there any other? Not in my book"---yes, there's the Peter Lugars in Manhasset. Same, but different location. Drop dead amazing. The one by the Williamsburg Bridge is the original. Lugars in Manhasset is easier for beach bums and the like.

I get ya with the pine nuts. will definately give it a try next time around...