Audiolab 7000A alternative with similar bass definition

Hi folks, looking for an amp or integrated amp (<$2k used) that is both musical and has definition and quick bass and "musical". I've realized I like this a lot, having now experienced the Audiolab effect! Current setup: Hifi Rose Rs250 -> Audiolab 7000A integrated -> Dali Opticon 6 MK2 in a medium sized room.

What I LOVE about the 7000A: quick, punchy, articulate bass this 70WPC amp is able to pull off is --- outstanding. Sound stage is open, wide, 3 dimensional and vocals come through real nice. What I don't like: The highs seem clinical and sharp, and the input selection drives me nuts - toggling through 11 options aint fun, when I use 2, especially when the amp is tucked aware in the media console rendering the screen unseen. 

Here is what Im looking for: 

  • Integrated amp, don't mind separates, 
  • Ideally has HT Bypass, but this is not so critical
  • Remote with inputs labelled, power button 

Comparative notes with other amps. 

Musical Fidelity M5si: Power house, very musical, doesn't seem to have substance at low-mid volumes, which the Audiolab does. Turn it up, and this puppy sings!! But I need a bigger space for this, 

Parasound A23 - love this amp, musical, good detail at low volume, smooth highs, but bass definition in contrast to Audiolab isn't as good. It's good an issue and I need to repair it, or sell it as is. 

Parasound P6 and A23+ are in consideration. Thoughts welcome!


Well, I see that UpscaleAudio is having a sale on Arcam SA30. It's just slightly under 2K brand new. It will fit your requirements. 

If there is any way to stretch your budget,the $2400.00(new)Simaudio Moon 250i V2 would get my $..Don't let the 50wpc.@8ohms fool you,it doubles to 100wpc.@ 4 ohms,which your speakers are spec'd at...You might be able to find one gently used for under $2k...The 250iV2 is in another league when compared to something like an Arcam..
 Other options might be a Hegel H95 or 120,which have a rep of being smooth operators...

Class G might be an interesting option, maybe deals are to come given the launch of the Radia series! thanks @auroravengeance

@freediver at the Simaudio seems like a less known but high class product. Heges I think are known for the high damping factor, but also feel like it's an upgrade path!