As of now only my headphone amp uses 12ax7.    I would buy a pair I they were reasonably priced.    If they really want to sell volume to the guitar community they have to be $80 -$100 ….  Or less.  

I have a few friends that play and I have retubed their amps and they thought $30 each was pushing it.   JJ tubes at $20 - $ 35 depending on type are reasonable in my opinion and some sound great, like the gold pin 12ax7 and the ecc803s .   Great sounding tubes.    That’s what came stock in my Zesto Leto pre and that thing sounded amazing 



I think the big market for 12AX7 is guitar amplifiers. A lot more of them than audiophiles. I'm think this influenced WE's business plan.

I wonder how many high-end NOS 12AX7 tubes are still out there.  When those dry up these guys will have the market cornered if they can produce a quality replica.