Weiss 501 4 channel upgrade

Months ago, Tom at Big Ear Stereo agreed to professionally upgrade my Weiss 501 to 4 channel, which actually is not 'quad' but rather more chips action as I understand.  It included, as I understood,  better OP amp output.  Someone can chime in on that for illumination.

Enough time has gone by for break-in and proper assessment.  This is definitely a tangible upgrade.  Shockingly so, no.  But definitively, an upgrade across the board.  More dynamics, separation of instruments/vocals, better attack and blacker background.  All the stuff we seek...or claim to.

Immediately noticeable.  No 3 hour listening session required to imagine perhaps something possibly is maybe better.  No, it's real.  Definitely worth the money....from my perspective.  So subjective.  The 501 stock is so damn good, it's a puzzler in some ways to stay or go with the upgrade.  Either way, you win.

Naim Core, Lux C900u, ATC 50 active, custom cabling, Quad. Ref. X stand, Townshend platforms.



From memory only, believe it was around $2400 total.  Please do not quote that.

No worries, I am in Canada so if I did the upgrade I wouldn't be sending it there, but just curious on the ballpark amount. I have read a larger soundstage is an additional benefit of going to the 9038 chips. 

I would just do it for the sound quality improvements, as I have no interest in going greater than 2 channels which may be an option in the future. 

The new MK2 (they changed the name since 4ch was confusing to most) 501 still has only two analog outputs (RCA or XLR balanced stereo). The DAC itself looks exactly the same. The upgrade is internal, I believe doubling the amount of DAC chips used per channel.

For further clarification, the original can still be ordered and is called Weiss DAC501 (black or silver). The new, upgraded version is called Weiss DAC501 - MK2 (black or silver).