We Are Not Alone--there are those above us

Robbie Robertson's recent death brought up the name of an immense talent, Roy Buchanan.  If you like guitar chops listen to his song "We Are Not Alone".

Synthesizer aside, amazing licks. I appreciate him "trying" to eliminate his distortion during the first 3 or so intros of his extended solo. 

Roy gets overlooked due his eccentricity. 


Sadly, Roy probably got more acclaim after he passed. There is some great video of him from an old ACL. I used to see him in Pittsburgh back in the mid-'70s- he worked the bar scene on the East End. He also opened for Little Feat during the Lowell era--this was the era when you could get into such a show for a dollar with a college ID. 

Brilliant guitarist. Usually followed by the slogan "that you've never heard of."

But, I think more people are aware of him these days. And of course he deserves a nod, as you gave him, @jpwarren58

I’ve been a Roy Buchanan fan since the 80s when I first heard him play. My boys recognized his talent right away, and are always borrowing the LP. Very, very talented man.  His guitar sings with the best of them.

Roy also kept a low profile, playing at the Crossroads Supper Club in Riverdale, MD, as the house band....  Check his playing on 'The Messiah Will Surely Come Again'....