Vintage Turntable Recommendation

I recently rediscovered a pair of Allison CD6 loudspeakers that belonged to my parents. I had them refoamed and paired them with a small Sansui 350A amp (circa 1970) for a very modest office system that has turned out to be unexpectedly really special.. I would like to add a modest vintage turntable ($500 or less without cartridge) that would complement this system. Since it is for an office, I am leaning toward a semi-automatic as I often get carried away with my work and could see myself easily forgetting that the end of a side of play was approaching. I also think that I would prefer a tonearm where the headshell is detachable for easy cartridge swaps/ experimentation.. Right now, I have a NOS Accutex M420STR that I would like to use in this system. I am leaning toward a Technics SL 1700, but would really appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks..

PS..  my one slight reservation about a table like the Technics is that I don't really like the look of their tables..  The Allison speakers and the Sansui amp have these really nice walnut cabinets/case and the Technics just looks a little plasticky to me..  but if it is the right fit, I have no problems going with it,,,


At that price point, I would pick up a vintage Dual (12 series) or Pioneer PL-530.

there are a lot of 80s' Duals out there, including on Don't be fooled by the price, the sellers who ask $4-500 may have "from estate sale" never tested items that you can buy from original or second owners for under $250. There are also decent Pioneer, Marantz and Denon vintage turntables at the $300 pricepoint.

If it were me, I'd look for a new vintage looking turntable.

How does this $500 AT look? 

ACOUSTIC RESEARCH TURNTABLE THE AR TURNTABLE 1983 Upgraded Linn Basik Tonearm - Picture 1 of 19

How about an AR table? Perfect match with your vintage Allison's. If you like to tinker, these are great plinths/motors to start with. Abundant mods and better arm choices.