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Used tube preamp $2-3K
dehavilland UltraVerve 3 remote  
Vintage Turntable Recommendation
Thanks all for giving me some more options to look into.  
Vintage Turntable Recommendation
Thanks for pointing out the add a wood base option...  that was not on my radar  
Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation
Thanks for all the great suggestions. Following up and doing additional research on all that you have provided.  
Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation
Thanks for some great suggestions that were not on my radar.. I realize that there are plenty of previous threads that focus on tube amp recommendations, but I am specifically looking for that lush, liquid mid-range.. I do not care as much about ... 
New Phono Cart with Character Needed
Soundsmith Carmen II  
Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges
A lot of good ones mentioned..I am enjoying the Soundsmith Carmen mkII..  just a touch of warmth...beautiful, vivid midrange  
Best Amplifier for LS3/5a
I have seen various versions of LS3/5 set up with Naim Nait 50 integrated.  
Pro-ject vs Rega
Since you like warm, smooth sound I would consider the Planar 6/ Exact combo if you can swing it.  Furthermore, I am not sure the Planar 3 can get the most out of the Ania cartridge.  
Great Small Room Speakers for $3-5k
The P3 is a very safe bet. It is smooth and very laid back with full sounding midrange; and easy to pair with other equipment and just consistently good with most genres of music— and with recordings that may not be the best quality. Having said t... 
Turntable purchase advice sought
I think the turntable you are looking at is definitely worth consideration; however I wonder whether the value of all the additional mods is worth the additional price (above market) that you would be paying for this particular Technics SL 1200. A... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
At the lower end of your price range I really like the Well Tempered Versalex.  
Getting back into venal with a $2,000 budget.
Another option is the Pioneer PLX-1000 ($650) with Soundsmith Carman cartridge (can be had for $800). Then you may be able to find a gently used Soundsmith MMP3 phono stage within your budget.  PLX-1000 has had some really nice reviews.  
Getting back into venal with a $2,000 budget.
I like the Marantz- the star in that particular package is the cartridge. Having said that I’m not sure I would buy it used not knowing if the cartridge was set up properly  and taken care of properly. It depends on how much confidence you have in... 
Fritz Carrera or other possibilities!
Another possibility is the Dynaudio Contour 20i. Really nice mint pair on USAM right now. With these you may be able to get away with not using subwoofers.