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Looking for phono preamp advice in the $1000 - $1600 range
I may be wrong, but I can’t believe the Project Phono Box would be an audible improvement over the Vincent, which I also own. I agree, it’s not amazing but it still beats out several internals I’ve tried over the years. Overall, I think you might ... 
Is it wrong to leave my amplifier on all the time
I've had a few power amps that don't even have an on/off switch. Just left em on 24/7. No harm at all. But I wouldn't worry about it either way.  
Vintage Turntable Recommendation
At that price point, I would pick up a vintage Dual (12 series) or Pioneer PL-530.  
Linn tabel won't stay on 45 slips to 33
When switching to 45 Linn recommends keeping the outer platter off, then turning the motor back on and letting the belt get set properly on the inner platter first, turn off, replace outer platter. Also, cleaning the pulley with solvent-surgical ... 
Crackle and hiss on some albums
Exact carts are known to be overly detailed. The output is around 7mv. Most MM carts are around 5mv. Make sure the capacitance on your PHO-701 is set for 115 pF. If the vinyl is imperfect in anyway, Exact carts tend to emphasize those imperfection... 
DOL vinyl pressings
I can’t afford too many OG jazz pressings, so early on I picked up a few DOLs of classic ’50s releases. Yes, they played well but when I compared them to ’60s, ’70s, even ’80s reissues, the DOLs seemed lifeless and flat. I sold them all back to th... 
Sugden A25 OK with KEF104/2?
I know they're not Klipsch, but you think 92db is low? I've always considered anything over 90 in the high territory. I've found the KEFs very easy to drive. Regardless, I think you're right about it being just OK. I'm more worried about the speak... 
Phono preamp, all suggestions welcome
I bet you can find a Vincent PHO-701 in that price range. I love it. Lots of load options, tube buffer, separate power supply. But my favorite right now is a tube phono pre from Japan, the Softone Model4. Outstanding.   
Looking for a budget Step-up Transformer
+1 for Denon AU. It's always treated me right.  
Discovery of less known vocalists
Jorge Ben (Brazil) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIj58k0lib0  
Which Vintage Turntable & Which Vintage Cartridge for the turntable?
The AT-OC9 is exceptional. Definitely hang on to it. Easily as good as DL110. But it is moving coil, so you'll need either a Step Up Transformer or a phono stage that offers MC settings. Both TTs are general entry level grade but decent. I would ... 
I need a class D portable integrated with power
I've been loving the Sprout100 from PSAudio.  
Building Analog System
+1 for Technics. Direct drive, built like a tank and sound amazing. You'll have it a lifetime. Rega is excellent as well. Classic belt drive. In your budget the table (P1 or P2) will come with a Rega Carbon cart. A solid choice, but personally sp... 
Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?
Just grab a pair of Klipsch R-40PM powered speakers with the onboard phono stage. Should have plenty of money leftover to buy a decent TT. Those speakers also have built-in bluetooth which is nice for easy streaming from the phone.  
Power Amp Pairing
Aren't those components designed for each other? If you're still hearing something wrong and the preamp has been serviced, I'd get the amp checked out if you haven't. A general rule of thumb is to make sure the output volts of the pre is at least ...