Velodyne sub missing remote

I just bought a used Optimum 10 sub with remote missing which controls room correction, volume etc. I don’t need one but want to make sure it is not applying dsp from a previous room sweep. I’ve googled a bit and can’t find an answer. Anyone know if DSP can be turned off at the sub somehow? Factory reset from the sub?




According to  to the IR Input information on page 8 of the User's Manual third party remotes can be used. There may be an original available for sale on line.

yeah I saw some of those online and I could use my mic from my Lyngdorf I think. I just don’t care about having the remote and want to know if I can disable and applied DSP via the main unit. 

Ohh well assuming there is no issue with the receiver for the remote I should be good for 30 bucks ordering one I guess. 

It’s just kind of strange to me that even in the manual there is no explanation of factory reset or how to turn off dsp even from the remote. 

You can find replacement, aftermarket Velodyne remotes on E-Bay, as well as originals. Get a genuine one for around $45, for they are better built, and have a longer range. You will need the remote to re-set features, gain levels, crossover controls and EQ with some of the Velodyne models. 

Yes thanks. It’s looking that way! I would think you could do some kind of reset on the sub itself but I can’t find anything of the sort. Ohh well I’ll spend the 30 bucks and get a remote. 

I hooked it up and calibrated via my Lyngdorf 3400 and it’s a super punchy little bastard! Which is exactly what I was looking for. My JL Fathom F113 amp should be back from repair in the next 2 weeks so wanted a smaller sub for some good mid bass. 

@mofojo  I forgot to mention.

Sometime prior to the Optimum's release the company was becoming more aware of the importance of room integration and detailed placement experimentation as suggested in the manuals Placement section on page 2 prior to calibration.

Adopted with the DD series, location experimentation can be eliminated by simply placing the sub at the listening position. While playing the low frequency calibration tones and slowly walking around the rooms wall boundaries and listening for the loudest standing wave bass modes to position the sub in. 

Once positioned far less demand will be placed on the Velodyne processing resulting in greater presentation satisfaction and flexibility. All the best. 

Thanks @m-db ,

I emailed the Velodyne crew and they got right back with me although I don’t think they fully understood the question. Basically I need to order the $80 remote from them. I could also get an aftermarket for half that. Just thought since I need no eq of any kind there would be a way to factory reset the sub from the sub. Maybe it has been already, the guy I bought from knew nothing of the remote or played dumb. Good sounding sub so far! I think I’ll order the Amazon remote as it’s got pretty good reviews and is half the price. 

thanks guys