Velodyne DD 15+ (Digital Drive 15 plus) amplifier plate replacement?

I acquired a Velodyne DD15+ and the RCA inputs are VERY loose and cause a loud hum sometimes if the wire is touched.  It's like the internal bracket or screws are not fitting.  Does anyone have one of these amps laying around or know a good Velodyne repair place?

I've inquired about a new one from Velodyne but it's expensive and they have to ship it from overseas.  

This is such a great sub I hate for it to be sick.


Oh, I've taken the amp out and there's no way on earth I can get to these connectors without significant effort or risk without the right tools which I don't even know what tools that would be.. They basically stacked three boards on top of where the connectors would be found.




These guys fixed my Dad's Velodyne HGS which is basically the same type of amp technology 


@oddiofyl I'm sorry but your link isn't clickable or something.. Do you mind providing the name of the company?


Thank you for all of your responses.. I'll reach out to each of them for help.

I meant to ask you, did you contact Velodyne Acoustics GmbH? 

Were they helpful and suggest a repair station in your area?