Using a receiver as a phono stage

I'm upgrading my NAD 7250PE receiver for a Jolida hybrid soon, and I was concerned about the lack of a phono stage. Can I somehow use my NAD as a phono preamp? How would I do this?
Plug your phono cables into the phono inputs of the NAD and use the NAD tape outputs to plug into an AUX input on the Jolida. This bypasses the majority of the internal circuitry of the NAD, and allows the purest signal to be transmitted to the Jolida, with least loss.
What Twl sais will work. My question is whether you want to keep the NAD for some reason? You could sell it and with the proceeds get a much better separate phono preamp that is worthy of the Jolida
You know, selling it never occured to me. Do you have any phono amp reccomendations?
From the used prices I've seen being asked for the 7250 (low to mid 200s; I'm currently debating picking one up for a bedroom system, so fond are my memories of my old 7240), I don't know if you really could better the NAD's phono stage, as it actually is pretty good for the money--back then a good phono stage was still important. But if you put a little more in the pot you certainly will be able to get a better separate phono stage. You might want to try the NAD as Twl suggested and see how you like it before making any final decisions.