Used Oracle - Help setting up

I just picked up a used Oracle turntable - I'm looking for recommendations for arm and cartridge.

Also, I don't have any idea whether the Oracle is a Mark I, II, III etc. - how can I figure this out?

Thanks for the assistance.
I used to setup Oracle Delphi turntables. I recently read an article about the new revamped Oracle. They supposedly have the parts you'll need to set up the turntable properly. I think it is in an old Stereophile. Maybe search their archives.

At any rate you will need a new armboard. You could probably have a new one cut from plexiglass. Even better would be aluminum. The next step would be cutting the hole for the arm. Denneson made a special protractor that would find the correct geometry. Hopefully the arm you buy will have template.

Before going through any of this though, you need to find find out if the Oracle can supply you with springs for the towers. Depending on the weight of the tonearm and cartridge you will have to get the correct springs for the needed tension. Oracle used to have a list of the tonearms and weights and could tell you which combo of springs would work best. This is critical as the table cannot be setup properly without the correct set of springs. That article I mentioned had a phone number to contact Oracle. It also descrbed the differences in each of those tables, I, II, III.
If you get the springs, see if they can supply a setup manual.
If you have questions I can try to help, I still remember some of the tricks. Setting up this table can be frustrating, but the sonics are worth it.

Good listening,
If the suspension pillars look like the MK5 then it is either a MK3 or MK4. If pillars have a post sticking out in the center, it is either a MK1 or MK2.

MK2 oracle Delphi have a brighter polish on the steel. MK1 has a very mat finish on the steel parts.

Hope it helps. If still unsure, please describe the look of the table and I will try help you out on this one.

Oracle Delphi's are best used with SME, Graham, and Dynavector tonearms.
If you wanted to send me the serial number of your table I could tell you what vintage it is as you can not tell by looking at the pillars as someone may have upgraded the table.
The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the table is sitting level once set up with arm and cartridge and that when you push down on the spindle that all corners of the table bounce equally.
A great place to start when tweaking an older Oracle is to purchase the Oracle Maintenance kit which supplies you with all new springs , dampners , oil , belt etc.
We have sold Oracles with SME's and Graham's but they also work very well with Rega , Origin Live mod. arms and Kuzma and depending on what you have for a system will help dictate which cartridge should be used as well as your price point.
Thanks for all the replies re: Oracle - since there are posts sitcking up form the centre of the pillars my turntable is proably a MKI or II - sticking out of the plinth is a control unit which says Oracle and lights up when you press the on/off switch - the overall finish looks matt so its probably a MK I.

regarding the arm - I was wondering if I could use a modified rega 250 - what are your thoughts on this? I haven't got a very large budget for the arm/cartridge - but a firend offererd to sell me his benz micro quite inexpensively.

Your help would be appreciated.
Oracle is alive and well and living in Canada. The suspension upgrade kit costs $150; includes new springs, dampers, belt,etc. The belt runs about $19, by itself. Set your table LEVEL. You can call Oracle at 1-819-573-5488. Pierre Beliveau is very helpful and courteous. Hope this info helps you. If you tell him your serial #, he will tell you which model you have.