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Best rock bass player
Steve Harris Iron MaidenRoger Glover Deep Purple 
Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP
recording quality is best on the Wall definitely also the final cut 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Ted Nugent cat scratch feverUFO lights outFree all right now 
25 year old polk 2.3's will I hear an improvement?
a pair of Mirage m3 si speakers will totally clean the Polk's clock 
Wadia 270/27ix vs. ??
search audiogon forms under reality check 
Looking to blow some more money :
XLO type 5 Speaker cables totally embarrassed my straightwire maestro's they are a absolute steal used now $ Wise 
Best lines in a song
ecruz what is the Dave Matthews song title? 
Great music but poor recording recommendations.
dire straits "communique" don't care it's their best stuff to me 
What music do you want to play really loud?
hey Albert that's my favorite SRV songStevie Ray Vaughn, "Riviera Paradise"how about Pink Floyd "mother" and "wish you were here" 
Sistrum platform
Audioblazer check out this link below the answer is yes 
Other than the SOUND, what do you love the most?
the smell of my Polk SDA 2B speakers my first decent speaker purchase the smell lasted for years wonder how? 
Wadia 270/27ix vs. ??
yes surely did but ran across the statement modified 861 here on audiogon at a great price and went with it, Steve Huntley [GNSC] said the modified combo is slightly better than the single box player. I believe his statement modified wadia 270 se ... 
Wadia 270/27ix vs. ??
yes to a GNSC statement modified wadia 861 player which bettered the wadia combination which I owned in every sonic parameter. Subsequently added the SE transport and the GNSC speed of light modifications for another significant sonic upgrade. Dir... 
Brandnew WADIA Decoding Computer
themadmilkman said"Wadia is an effort of great design and poor engineering." please elaborate? 
Theta DS-pre
the preamp isn't very good the evs passive volume control is a nice improvement definitely