Upgrading from Thiel 2.7 to Sonus Faber or Focal???

Lately been contemplating moving on from my 2.7 to possibly Sonus Faber Olympica III, Focal Kanta 2/3, Sopra 2 or possibly a Magico A3.  I don't want a lateral move however, a warmer sound overall.  Preferably nothing too hard to drive matches well with Audio Research amp and would like more bass response I am getting from the 2.7. The choices I mention are not etched in stone so recommendations welcomed.  Buying used more than likely  :)

Amp is a Audio Research Ref 110 and a PrimaLuna EVO preamp. Source is a LUMIN T2 with S-Booster.  

Thank you in advance and please lets stick to the subject  :)
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do you like them better than your Thiels? Do you think they are technically better?
James that’s a good question but for my tastes I prefer the SFO3. They both do a lot of things very well but I really think the O3s are more musical overall and versatile to various types of music. Build quality is top notch for both but I have to give the award to the 03 in a beauty contest lol. There is something about the O3 that make you a very proud owner and they ooze class. You can just feel that Sonus Faber as a company pay a LOT of attention to detail. The Thiels are rock solid as far as build quality also but at their prospective price points the O3 is a better speaker.  But this is my opinion only.  

I have only spent a short time with the Olympica but they seemed like they had potential. I ultimately did not buy them because of the lack of real grills with small children around (detected room but I let them hangout with me in there). 
I remember you mentioning the lack of real grills and children in a previous post. Reminds me of a girl I went out for a very SHORT time a few years ago. She brought her little girl over one afternoon and I didn’t have the grills on my speakers and she proceeded to touch the tweeter and make a dent. I used a vacuum cleaner and gently placed it to the tweeter and pulled it right out. In the short time she was at my house she managed to dent the tweeter, scare the s--- out of my cat and leave foot prints on the wall. Needless to say that was the last time she was there lol. The mom was batshit crazy anyway bahahaha!!!
Thiel have an amazing restoration service, drivers, crossovers, outside finish, everything to bring them back to brand new or as close as possible.  
 That would have been my choice. Thiel are amazing speakers. 
   Would have kept for a very long time. 
 Wish my speakers had this offer, ide never get rid of them.
I must baby my grail speakers for a long time, as they were bought and shut down by a company which was inferior. :(