Up grading a MHDT Paradisea+ DAC

I bought a used MHDT Paradisea+ DAC here on AG. I feed it with a Audiophileo2/PurePower USB converter. I really like this DAC in my system and am considering getting a newer version of MHDT DAC. Thay now make a Canare which is supposed to serve as a updated replacement for the Paradisea+ and have offered the Havana for several years now. I am asking for advice thoughts on these MHDT DAC as a possible upgrade. I believe both have 2 coax inputs which would be a plus over the single on the Paradisea. How about the USB inputs on the others. Would they allow me to replace the USN converter?

Any thoughts appreciated. 

My experience with original Paradisea when I owned one is it was a very musical DAC in general and was also very responsive to tube rolling.  Stock GE tube was warm and lush but somewhat rolled off, not great for all kinds of listening.   NOS Tung Sol tube was much better but the SS mhdt Constantine I had concurrently and still run in my main system was much better for me.

I would expect newer mhdt tube DACs to be as good or better and perhaps have better USB interface implementations which could be beneficial.   But have not heard or compared so can't say.   Worth a try perhaps if you think you can do better. 

Thanks czarivey for the peer review and pointing out my obvious mistake. Title editing is very important. Here is hoping others will see through the gap and provide thoughtful advice, as had mapman. ;-) 

Mapman, thanks for your response.  I have purchased a couple different tubes to try however have not yet done so. Do not have the Tung Sol tube.  I was using the MHDT in a second system and just recently inserted it into my main one. Still getting acquainted with it replacing my Bryston DAC 1 there. Initial thoughts are that I might be trading some detail for better (larger) soundstage and softer sound. The USB on the DAC 1 was for convenience, hence use of the converter. I also feel the newer MHDT DACs are likely improved in USB implementation.   

I will explore this at some length prior to making any decision. Should a Havana come up used I might consider purchasing it. I am in no hurry.  
Also consider the MHDT Stockholm v. 2. It is highly tweakable. When I first heard mine in my system it sounded too warm and mushy. That shifted when I added some footers, and then it improved again when I switched the tube to a western electric. Lastly I upgraded the chip. It is now highly resolving and natural sounding.  I primarily use the usb input from my Aurender N100h music server and the sound is intoxicating. It's a bulls eye for me. 
Just realized that I misspelled the new MHDT DAC, it is the Canary. I do need an editor.