Tweaking Etherregen

Two tips for Etherregen users: other than using good power and ethernet cables, ideally with a 10m clock:

Always run a separate ground wire, it really matters

Stick an Akiko Audio 3D tuning chip on top of the B side low noise section (0n the casing, not the board). It is located between the ‘clean’ RJ45 socket and the ground lug. (, €59).


Let me know how you get on.


@antigrunge2 : Please ellaborate more on the type and implementation of the groundimg wire (ie. type of wire, length, connected to a grounging box?). Jeff

I use a decommissioned power cord with all leads connected to ground via a spare socket. A good grounding box works, too.

I ran a quality solid copper wire from the EtherRegen ground terminal to an AC outlet via a plug with only the ground connected. Surprisingly, it did increase resolution.


I replaced the ground wire/AC plug with a Puritan City Ground Master.


According to Uptone the ground matters if you have several connections on the A side. Do you?

I only have the audio,connection; yet the additional grounding in my case materially increases resolution