Tube Installation Question

I just received an ASL tube headphone amp (it's my first experience with tubes) and I have a question about installing the tubes. They don't seem to plug tightly into the sockets, they just float loosely. Is this normal. I don't want to put too much pressure on the glass. All 3 tubes are installing this way which leads me to believe that the tubes are supposed to sit like that. The other problem is that only one of the tubes began to glow once I turned the unit on (this leads me to believe the tubes are not installed correctly after all). Do the tubes take time to glow once the power is on? Thanks!
You need to wiggle them in. And make sure you use latex gloves or cloth between your hands and the tube.
certain tubes glow brighter than others...are all 3 tubes the same type? if so, then yes you have a tube problem if 2 dont glow.
I have the same amp and the tubes fit tight in mine and yes they all glow at the same time when powered up. It is a great sounding head-phone amp.
Is the amp new? I assume it's used.
Tubes have to all glow at once together as amp powers up.
They have to stay firm in their sockets.
You should get a sewing needle or a screwdriver from the watch repair kit and try to shrink the contacts inside the tube socket for each one. Make sure that amp is completely off. If you can solder, you can buy new sockets and solder them exactly as previous ones.
You need to clean sockets and tube pins once in a while with contact conditioner for the tubes best performance.