Tube Amp Ventilation?

I'm currently running a c-j11A amp in a rack that's completely open on all sides with 8 inches clearance on top. I'm considering getting a Salamander Synergy rack with perforated steel sides and door. I would still give the amp 8 inches on top. I've found that it generally runs fairly cool as tube amps go, so I'm wondering if I could get away with this setup? It would certainly help solve some decorating issues for my girlfriend and I. Any thoughts?
I use the Salamanders - WITHOUT sides and doors, and I still put my McIntosh MC2000 on top of a "bridge"-shelf as they call it, to let it breathe. What's wrong with showing off the tubes - esp. in the dark? :-)
Good luck!
C.J. has tube cages to hide them from animals and kids. I would not recommend to enclose the tube amp in any case since it will worm up the whole stand and the components arround it. To the amp itself it's beneficial to be hot and no ventilation the tube amp needs. As to your girlfriend you should probably make her face look sour or bitter on that particular issue :)
I use to own a CJ 11-A amp. If you don't use the tube cage you could get away with the Salamander inclosed stand you describe above. I prefer and use the open Salamander stand that Aida w spoke of.
I don't use a tube cage now, and I'd need the top shelp for my turntable, so the amp would have to be inside.
I own a salamander rack with mesh sides and the back pannel removed,it provides good ventilation for my BAT gear- which runs hot- and satisfies my wife. Incidentally, I have the frosted glass door which dresses the rack up a little and still allows all the romotes to work through it , higher spouse acceptance factor.