Tube amp for JMR Trentes?

Have a pair of JM Reynaud Trentes that I really like. I'm currently using an SS integrated and one thing that's become clear is that I do indeed prefer the sound of tubes. I dropped in an old AN P2SE (as an amp with the SS integrated) that I have around and the music jumped to life. This is a second smaller system; my main system is tubes.

Based on comments I've read the Trentes appear to be OK with low watt tubes amps partly because they are a stable load, but I'm concerned about needing more headroom at times than, say, 3 watts (one guy had good luck with a pair of Wright 2A3s with the Trentes). Volume is not much of an issue as the room is small and I rarely listen loud (but someday who knows). I was considering the Wrights or a Fi X, but just think more power would be more reasonable.

Any particular recommendations for tubes amps with the Trentes? An integrated would be nice but also OK with amp ideas as I can use the preamp out of the integrated for now and work on a preamp if necessary. My music preference is mostly acoustic (bluegrass, small ensemble classical, jazz, "new age") but also space music (electronic but mellow) and the occaisional Wilco, amplified world or jazz, Keb Mo, Los Lobos. Thanks.

Brian is right about my state of mind regarding the Trente and Soro SE combo, a little piece of heaven IMO. I have stopped looking as I find it hard to imagine a better match. How often does that happen? Believe me I like to turn up the volume and the Soro SE does fine.

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I have a Rogue Tempest integrated running in Triode mode, and with ~ 30 watts output potential with 6550 tubes, I am not lacking for power. I'm sure that I could be happy with less wattage. The Tempest has been a pleasure- The guys at Rogue are TOP SHELF. Best experience I've ever had with a company. Its nice to call with a question or issue and have it answered or addressed by someone that really cares. Most of the time, its the Prez. answering the phone.

Check out the Tempest, it has serious balls, Triode/UL switchable, remote volume, and auto biases tubes (6550/KT88/KT90 recommended, but it will take EL34 as well).

I have had it for 3 years, and the way I jump around between pieces of equipment, that's an incredibly long time.

My friend has an Audion Sterling el34 based amp, about 12 watts, I believe, and it absolutely sings thru his Trentes.

Good luck!!

The standard recommendations for the Reynauds are the Audiomat's and Audion's. The Trente's don't need that much power and you are right they do prefer tubes. Good choices might be the "highly regarded Cayin TA-30 or the ASL 1003-DT. Both are under a $1000 and deliver a solid 30-35 watts. Out of all of the amps I tried my Twins, Trentes and Offrandes with, the one I liked the best was the Music Reference EL-34 based RM-10, which is also a personal favorite of Pat McGinty's for use with the smaller Meadowlarks.

Just FYI several years ago I tried the Twins and the Trentes with the Wave 8's in a 14X16 room and got into the mid 90's db wise. While not an amp up to the Reynaud's standards it would push them quite easily.
My friend Phil, and fellow audiogon'er, uses an Audio Note Soro SE integrated and to say he is pleased would be an understament. He has used a Plinius 8200 MkII integrated and Plinius SA100 MkIII with a Quad pre (I forget the model) and prefers the AN easily. I haven't made it over to hear this setup since he added the new CD player.