What components sound best with Reynaud Trentes?

I have a pair of Reynaud Trentes arriving today :^)

Magic Stands due next week

I wonder: what are your favorite components to use with these speakers?

Interested in opinions on cables mostly but amps and sources are welcome as well

I have a Plinius 8200 MKII integrated amp and AZ wire with vatious sources.

thank you

Hey Phil,

I've been using some cables that I purchased from Stan Warren on the cheap and they work wonderfully with the Trentes. I've also heard that JMR makes cables. I've not heard them myself but I've heard from others that they are very good. I'm driving the Trentes with a Plinius SA-250 MkIV and this amp just makes them sing. The Trentes don't seem to need much power but if you give it to them, they do not mind at all. I've also just gotten a listen to a new CDP that is being imported to the states called the Lector CDP-7T. I heard it demoed with the Trentes and the set up sounded wonderful. That is the reason I love the Trentes so much. Every upgrade I've made to my system, these speakers keep showing the improvements. They have yet to be outgunned or overmatched by any other component, they just keep rising to the next level.........John

thanks for the response, I am now listening to my Trentes (Paul McCartney's first album on vinyl) and am getting goosebumps.

They are not even close to being setup properly as they are on 2 cinder blocks and sitting about 16" high. They remind me of Quad 63 or 988 speakers as far as their holographics attention to detail and imaging. They do have a very natural presentation of the music and I am starting to see the 'person in the room' effect some reviews have mentioned.

I do have a Plinius SA100 MKIII amp (I have had difficulty selling) so maybe I will work it back into my system.

On another post someone told me the Reynaud wire is about $450 for a 2.5 meter biwire pair.

I will keep you posted on my progress
I got the Reynaud HP216A speaker bi wire and it is an improvment over the single run of AZ Hologram I used before. They are very defined across the spectrum and extremely revealing without being bright in the slightess, they also are very dynamic. In comparison the Hologram was a little warmer but less defined and extended, I do not want to mislead about the Hologram as it was very competitive and in some ways I preferred the tone, but not quite up to the match of the HP216A in any other area.

happy listening,
I don't know if you're still following this post but this was instrumental in my determinations for my FINAL (at least for a year) system. I just snagged a pair of bi-wire JMR cables to put onto my Trentes. With the crap cables I have now they are just starting to really sing (the breakin period is all they claim it is).

Hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine.

Hey Y'all,

I'm very pleased that both of you gentlemen are enjoying your Trentes. I had a friend over the house about two weeks ago and he was impressed with the Trentes. He is a planar guy and considers point source speakers slow and lumbering. He felt the Trentes really held up well in my system and he plans on recommending them to two of his friends that are looking for monitors. I would also recommend both of you guys try the Stan Warren cables. I've A/B'd them against Transparent Super XLs, Acoustic Zen Satori and Hologram IIs and very recently with a pair of highly touted Xindak FS-2's and the Stan Warrens are still in my system. If either of you would like to contact Stan, send a private e-mail, I will be happy to pass on his #. For a cable that I paid $105 including shipping for a 10' pair, they have proven themselves unbeatable......John

I can hardly tell these are box speakers, sometimes I THINK I can tell it is a serapate tweeter and sometimes I THINK I can hear the woofer going a little slower but the bottom line is the Trentes involve you in the music to a great extent, more than my old Maggie 1.6s.

I have to admit I am a bit skepical about Stan's wire, I have also read in Bound for Sound where Martin DeWolff makes a speaker wire from 6AWG 19 conductor wire from Lowes. He says it is a good as anything he has ever heard. I do plan on buying some and trying it out (if I can find it) as the cost would be about $50 or less. Frankly I am not expecting to like it better than the JMR wire and will use it in a second system. Time will tell. I have read so many posts with people asking how to get in contact with Stan Warren I am tempted not to contact him at all.


I hope you really like your Trentes as I do too. I am very happy with the HP216A wire and it's lack of character or bringing any attention to itself. Details come across in a very natural way. The bass is just amazing in my system and to think it is coming from those little speakers makes it harder to believe.

If anyone wants the info as to the exact wire from Bound for Sound I will dig it up and post it.

Hey Phil,

Yes, it is very difficult to contact Stan but it has certainly been worth the effort to me. I can tell you from word of mouth from a gentleman in the business that handles the JMR cables regularly, they do not compare to the Stan Warren cables. My friend sells the JMR cables but uses Stan's cables for his demo systems which include the Trentes on Magic stands........John

In what way are they better than the JMR wire? This stuff is so good my imagination is streched to think of a way to better them.

I do not mean to sound negative and appreciate any info

thank you for your help,

Hey Phil,

Stan's cables extend the range of the speakers noticeably and lower the noise floor considerably. They also provide the most musical bass I've heard VS the cables I mentioned earlier. The high end is very sweet, not tizzy or bright, with the most delicate decay. I've never heard the JMR cables, I'm just going on what my friend told me. As I mentioned, he sells JMR cables but uses the Stan Warren cables on both of his demo systems........John