Reynaud Trentes: Opinions and alternates

I've heard the Trentes with Audion Silver integrated amp- sounds great. In my first listen, to the classic 'Girl form Ipanema', not only was I impressed with the warmth and depth of the sound stage, but I was startled to hear Astrud Gilberto take a deep breath while Joao was singing.
What's your opinion of the Trentes? Did you consider them and buy something else in the same price range? What was it, and why did you choose it?
FYI "listner" magazine had an over the top review on these speakers. I have never heard them but the review was so positive that I considered buying a pair based on this review ! You are lucky to have a dealer to audition them.
I heard that exact combination of Trentes and Audion Silver in the JM Reynaud room at CES and it was magical indeed. Go for it.