Townshend Audio Podiums

After a few months of hand wringing I pulled the trigger on an expensive addition to my system. I have been using Isoacoustics Gaia II's under my speakers for a couple of years and they were a big improvement from spikes. Late last year, I started reading reviews for the Townshend Audio Podiums. I watched a couple of videos on Youtube and on their website and I just couldn't resist, I had to try these things.

This was no easy decision, the Podiums are much more expensive than the Gaias. I was concerned that I would not see a favorable return on my investment, but after reading review after review trumpeting the improvements these things brought to their systems, I couldn't resist! After listening to a few albums my fears have been alleviated. The reviews are spot on, the Podiums do deliver as promised. They improve the sound in a many different ways. The bass notes are more detailed in a way I'll try to describe. You have the particular note that was plucked and then you have all of the harmonics that surround that note and now I can hear that. The mid range has improved as well. On The Dark Side of the Moon, in some songs, I can clearly hear three voices contributing in their own space around the center of the sound stage. Roger, David and Richard. My son received some high end headphones for Christmas and he had me listen to Hey You from The Wall. In the second verse there was a voice I had never heard before behind and a little higher and right of David. I came home and fired up my system and strained to hear it through my speakers on the Gaias, it was there, but barely discernible. Now, with the Podiums installed, it is there, just like with the headphones, and an added bonus, it sounded a lot like Dave. Turns out it is Dave harmonizing with himself! Another benefit of the Podiums, the instruments occupy a far more defined space with both left and right and front and back positions. If you are in to detail and realism these get you that much closer. I am looking forward to playing my whole collection and discovering my favorite music all over again.



Very interesting. I have debated about investing in these, but they are expensive (for me). This reignites my interest. 

Everyone should study physics (get a degree, not just google it).   after evaluating them for an afternoon, I was convinced they were the right answer, pulled the trigger and have been very happy.