Tidal streaming and classical music

Tidal has 50 million songs, but the classical choices are terrible IMO!

Try finding common “war horse” recordings and you are SOL!

Good choices are missing in action!

What is a classical buff to do?

Why has nobody setup great classical CD quality streaming in the USA?

How much longer do we have to wait? This is 2018 not 1993 early internet!

The programmers at Tidal are not classical music listeners and are unfamiliar with the genre's selections. 

How about Mercury Living Presence, RCA Living Stereo, DECCA, Lyrita, RCA Red Seal, recordings etc.!

All recordings on the TAS list or Arthur Salvatore’s list???
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"Arthur Salvatore convinced me to buy Coincident speakers "
What the heck does this have to do with the OP's question?
I am not a big fan of Classical.
Have you tried,
for streaming Classical music???
Matt M

I don't know if you get Quobuz over there as I am in UK but I have it and think it is first class. When I was looking around for a streaming service I put my old stallwart in their search engine which is Charles Valentin Alkan and it came up with loads of results. For anyone new to him he was a friend of Chopin and Liszt and a phenominal pianist himself. It is said when he was going on stage to play if Liszt found out Alkan was in the audience he would get really nervous. He wrote some really interesting stuff but was not played too often because of the extreme difficuties involved in playing the torrents of notes . There are no end of supremely gifted pianists today who do play him, Marc-Andre Hamelin being a noted one.
I can find what I am looking for on Tidal only if I have the listing on Spotify to copy. Needless to say, I use Spotify for most of my listening, despite the 'low rez' output.

TIDAL’s organization isn’t the best for classical for sure, do you count London as DECCA? I’ve found recordings I like and am familiar with on that label. The Eastman Wind Symphony is on there too from the MLP era, but may not be listed under that label if I remember correctly. I think there’s some Reiner/CSO there too, that’s what I would know from RCA Living Stereo. 

I’m going to try Quobuz one of these days...
Mercury Living Presence, RCA Living Stereo, DECCA, Lyrita, RCA Red Seal, recordings etc.!
I can find examples of all of these
Sometimes under title, artist, orchestra or composer
You have to be creative because yes the tidal people are not classical music experts
Thanks for the search info tips.

Titles are not that easy to find with the current interface.

I am a new Tidal user.
I second the Qobuz option. Not as many titles as Tidal overall, but definitely more (and intersting) classical.
Read Gramophone magzinne. And do Tidal search. Music is not just music and you should read artist also
Wait for Quboz.

Worse for rock than Tidal but classical and jazz is supposed to be superior