Tidal skips to next track, or restarts when paused iPhone

Hi, I did a search and didn't find anything.  
My issue is as described above. Tidal songs skip to the next song in the midst of playback, at least 1/2 the time if not more. Also, if I pause the app it will restart on it's own, but at the next song.
Streaming iPhone 5S, IOS 9.2.1, connected to Rotel 1570 via USB cord. Speedtest shows 22.56 Mbps download bandwidth.

I sent a support request to Tidal but have not heard back yet. 

This has been going on since I first downloaded the app yesterday. Thanks for any suggestions - I'll post whatever Tidal says for future reference.
Thanks for that suggestion elevick. 

I have tried:
Uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 
 Cycling the router on and off. 
 Playing the playlist "off-line".
The action that seem to have the biggest difference was power cycling the router and restarting  computer(that uses most bandwidth). 
Nothing has completely resolve the issue though. 

i had similar problems with tidal on my phone (rarely if ever on my pc)--as posited above, i'd venture that it does have to do with streaming such high bit rates on a mobile platform.  it ended up being a deal-killer for me--i switched back to spotify, which works seamlessly on my phone, albeit at the cost of better sound. i do hope tidal resolves the problem, since it really does have a lot to offer.
From Tidal

Thank you for contacting TIDAL customer support.

We are sorry for this inconvenience. Our backend operations team is aware of these playback issues, and they are working very hard to get this problem resolved in in a timely manner. At this time our operations team is in discussions with potential delivery service providers so that we can improve the reliability of TIDAL when streaming, and so that we can keep up with demand. We have provided you with a complimentary month of service, in hopes that by the time you encounter your next charge from TIDAL these issues will be resolved.

Best Regards,

TIDAL Support

OK, I'll try the delete and reinstall and then learn why matt figures it won't work the way Tidal suggests.

In terms of the rest of Matt's comments.... I don't know what LTB means, or how to set up a music server yet. I'm planning on doing that - I guess I'm a little slow moving to the future. I'm still listening to CDs and vinyl, but I have started ripping a bunch of my CDs onto a big drive in preparation. I'll look at Aurender and start some education.
Really your trying to use a HIGH BIT RATE streaming service like Tidal with your smartphone wireless?? And you wonder why your having problems, LTB, a real music server/player/streamer. Then you wont have any of these problems, just beautiful music, I recommend a device from Aurender.

Matt M
Thanks, this is with the phone resting on the rack, directly connected via cable to the amp.

The part that gets me most confused though is that if it's Wi-Fi related, why would the app spontaneously start playing when the song is supposed to be paused? And why skip to the next song instead of starting from the point it was paused?  There is no data exchange, or perhaps more correctly stated, there should be no data exchange required between the phone and anything else.  It just seems like a flaky app.
My problems usually arise when I'm moving my phone around, either walking around or even worse when driving.
Hmm, ok thanks. I'll see what I can do and maybe move my router to be closer as well.
I have the same 22 - 23 speed, but sometimes it just stops, lousy service
when it acts up I unplug it for a few minutes...when I first started Tidal it happened more often, now almost never
Thanks - jl35,
How can I verify that is the problem?  What did you do to fix it - move your router?