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Putting together a used/new combo system. (Long)
Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback, and ideas.   
Member Almarg passed away last night
Al was a wonderful person who will be truly missed and always remembered by those of us on the forum, and I'm sure, everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.  My sincere sympathy to Marge and family. 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Al has always been one of the most knowledgeable, generous and gentlemanly persons on this forum - often going out of his way to do his own independent research on behalf of the person seeking advice. In this forum, he was the best of the best.May... 
WAF --
My system has never improved so much, or sounded better, than after I got divorced. 
In-ceiling: Am I wasting my money?
I had my main rig in the living room and brought music into my kitchen using an AudioSource 100 amp( 50 watts x 2 into 8 ohms or 60 watts into 4 ohms)[$140] and ran it a LONG way (guessing 75-100 feet) to some in-ceiling speakers with adjustable ... 
Deciding on new TT and either a Zephyr MIMC vs an Audio Technica ART9
Thanks again all. No I haven’t made the leap yet. I’m going to listen to dodgealum’s TT and then decide if I want to purchase his or the Upscale Audio one. His is similar in that it’s a Scout with a Prime platter and bearing,  Prime motor, a junct... 
Deciding on new TT and either a Zephyr MIMC vs an Audio Technica ART9
Thanks to you all for your input. @dodgealum  I'm not sure how to find messages anymore as I'm not an "insider". It may be that I'm just lost, but I can't seem to find PM's anymore. 
Digital Cabling questions in new set-up
The cable that comes with the TT. 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
The same song I’ve wanted played since I was a kid. Spirit in the SkyNorman Greebaum 
Just sharing my excitement
I guess that depends on how cute you are and whether your name is John or Sally. ;-)Seriously though, I take it you mean you want to hear the Quatrod not the Sig 2 CE’s. Funny as it is, I decided to also upgrade from the Ax-7e to the EX8 so that I... 
Just sharing my excitement
@tomic601 I know that Pete has quatro's. He is actually the guy that brought John to my attention. A few years back I had a system with bad synergy and commented about it here. He told me to seek out John and said he'd give great advice and help m... 
Just sharing my excitement
It’s a slightly custom finish called gunstock cherry.  It’s basically cherry that is stained a bit to look aged rather than what it looks like newly cut.  
Just sharing my excitement
@bigboltz Thanks, I bet that MP-3 is an awesome pre. I've not heard it but I hear nothing but rave reviews of the AtmaSphere products.@2psyop  Thanks to you too. Ever since I heard the quatro's I've wanted them. Recent changes in my circumstances ... 
Speakers near fireplace
@soundermn I did, but it just doesn't seem like I'd have the space needed to walk through the room without putting the speakers right up against the wall.  I'll take a second look at it. 
Speakers near fireplace
Thanks all, yes it's the heat I'm worried about more than the SQ. @gdnrbob - I'm using metal because that has a high heat capacity so it will be the most accurate to test for how hot a black body will get.If I end up making radiation shields they ...