Tidal removing all MQA

As the title states Tidal will be removing all MQA and replacing titles with FLAC instead.  Per an email I just received:


On July 24, 2024, we’re replacing the music in TIDAL’s MQA catalog with FLAC versions.


Switched from Tidal to Qobuz long ago because I hated MQA so much. So: long overdue, IMO.

As others have noted on this forum, MQA was a "solution" to an Internet bandwidth problem that no longer exists. Its time as a lossy container for music has come and gone. Good. I have Tidal and will stick with them. I had Spotify and after they lied to us, I’ll never go back. I wasted over a year sticking with Spotify due to their promises.

I mainly like the fact that Tidal has Tidal Connect as an app that streamers can use. It makes life easier and when I get home and want to listen to music, "easy" is important. Supposedly Qobuz is going to have a "Qobuz Connect" app soon if not already. We just need more streamers to incorporate it. But hey, I like Tidal just fine. 

I like MQA sounds great on my system, D Agostino amp and preamp, estelon speakers. very revealing and good detail, better than 44.1  

The HDTracks linkup with Lenbrook is not a done deal, and may never be. They need to develop a service model and pricing strategy that is competitive with the established names. The need for special playback circuitry will be an impediment. I own a Node and Mytek and WiiM products and subscribe to Tidal. But this transition to FLAC will not have any negative impact on my use of or enjoyment of my systems.