Third Party Services - Phono Cartridge - Retip - Refurbish - Rebuild Services.

A Thread to add a List and Links to show where Third Party Services are available to offer a Retip - Refurbish - Rebuild, as well as make known the Cart’s that have been returned as a successful remediation.

If there is any information known off, that is seemingly related to the subject, there seems to be no reason not to copy/paste the info to this Thread, as means to consolidate information that might prove useful to somebody showing an interest in using a Service that is not from the Cart's Manufacturer. 

As a start:

Kilian Bakker - - Ortofon Vienna - Ortofon Cadenza Black - Ortofon Kontrapunkt b


Another vote for Kilian Bakker in the Netherlands. He repaired several of my cartridges - even some obscure ones - and his knowledge and expertise are second to none. He did FR-7f, Audiocraft AC-03 Mono, Shelter 701 and Harmony and Ortofon MC Rohmann. But he doesn’t do everything. At some point one channel of my Krell KC-200 gave up, caused by a broken coil wire. He wouldn’t repair it as this would fundamentally alter the sound of Takeda’s original design. This is a judgment call that I can respect and agree with.

However I didn’t want to give up on this cartridge, which had already been retipped by a previous owner using a non original boron cantilever. Retaining the ’original’ sound was not my objective anyway as I have several other Takeda / Miyabi cartridges still in original condition. So I decided to sent the cartridge to Dominic Harper of northwest analogue in the UK; He was able to rewire the coils using 6N copper wire of similar gauge while keeping the original rubber suspension intact (supposedly Takeda’s ’secret sauce’) and fitted a Gyger FG tip on the existing boron cantilever. While the final result is what is often referred to as a "Frankenstein", the sound is just amazing. Obviously different from the Miyabi sound, but very convincing in its own right. Can’t give enough praise for the work he has done.

Expert Stylus in UK. Retipped my Koetsu Urushi while retaining the OEM cantilever. Very professional at every step. Results are superb, possibly better than ever. Cost very reasonable. 3 weeks including shipping in both directions. I live on East coast US. Thanks to Raul for the recommendation.

The following List is quite widespread, showing Services available in different Countries.

(Delta667 ) (Vinyl Engine Cartridge Rebuild Service)

Torloi, based in Italy also will supply/fit a FGS Styli, their contact is not discovered.


The following will show off the shelf Armature/Styli assemblies.



I have found the link for Torlai. 

I have never discussed guarantee for works undertaken, I have my own approach I used to set up a refurbishment on a Donor Cart'.

Torlai is making a statement that works carried out are guaranteed for 12 Months.

Another Service shown in the Link, stating a Year Long Warranty is offered as part of the works undertaken.

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Great work !👍

Isn’t it best to list services with which one has had a personal experience?

A consolidated list will be a useful reference as time goes by.

It will be good to learn how certain Services has helped and what work has been undertaken when receiving a Donor Cart'.

I once indirectly helped a Transfiguration Proteus owner have a Coil Rewind on a Cart' they were selling for a very fair price as non-working model. Instead of finalising the purchase and having a attractive Donor Cart'. I made it known to the vendor, where there may be assistance with a remediation.

All's well that ends well, the Cart' owner for a very fair repair/shipping price, received a working Cart and were very outwardly greatful for the support on offer. The usual story was told, the Cart' as a refurbishment was seemingly performing better that any recollection if it during a previous use could muster.

Dear friends: In this forum thread ( 6 pages ) are almost all retippesr/services for phono cartridges that includes Joseph Long that's excellent and as I said in other thread he makes recoil as Northwest and a few others:


Cartridge Repairs, Retipping and Replacement Styli Suppliers. A list! (


I forgot this is JL:  860-338 0153