thinkin' on a SET amp,need major help??

present system: RA opus 21 GNS mods,VAC 30/30 feeding Zu Def's.what will a good quality SET amp do over and above the VAC.any help thks much Pat {just want to try something new}
good for voice with no instruments and chamber orchestra with violins only...
I would say you’d get a bit more detail, especially in the mids.

My limited experience when comparing single ended and push pull amps back to back was that instruments and vocals seem to occupy their own space to a larger degree with single ended amps. The assumption we made was with two tubes working together, you end up with the ‘average’ sound of the two, and subsequent smearing of detail.

A number of posters have eluded that single ended triodes lack dynamics and are rolled of on the extremes, but I have not had that experience. I go to opera and jazz performances, and single ended amps always seem to achieve the closest rendition of the actual performance.

Of course, my opinions are subjective. You may also find it unsuitable for anything other than voice with instruments. ;-)

I believe what SET amps do is retain the inherent harmonics of the music better than any other topology of amplification. It's difficult for me to reduce to writing, but the 'noise' an SET makes sounds more like MUSIC than thru any other kind of amp.

If you Search for somehting like 'SET sound' on the SET Anylum, , probably you'll learn a lot.

If the VAC 30/30 is a 30WPC amp, you'll find many SETs with enough power including the great-sounding Antique Sound Lab AQ1006, an 845-based monoamp rated at c. 25 Watts in 40, 8, or 16 Ohms; .

BTW, the common triodes used as output tubes in SETs and the typical power output is--#45, about 1 Watt; 2A3, about 3 Watts; 300B c. 8 Watts; 211 c. 15 Watts; 845 c. 25 Watts; and 805 about 50 Watts.
i would say keep the vac if you want to get the most from all kinds of music. `
thks guys.reading up on set amps it seems you give to get.not sure with the music i play,a set is the way to does the Red Wine Sig 30 or soon 70 compare to a set amp???? seems the battery is making a splash.
You might want to consider an amp that runs a triode tube in a push-pull configuration. Or, is that the VAC amp that you have now? I know VAC makes 'em.