Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH-SP adio 3D Sound Processor

Around 1996 I bought my first real stereo system up in Toronto. I think I spent about $7K. I remember describing the system to my work colleague and she was shocked at what I paid. She said that I was crazy to pay so much and I countered that it was a lifetime purchase. I said I would only upgrade the system if something crazy and new came about. This was the time of CD's and perfect sound forever.

My hypothetical argument to her for a future crazy upgrade was, if say in 20 years, they come up with a way to project in 3-D the performers into your room. I said I would be all over that system. Well I was wrong about the amount of upgrades I would do over the next 30 years, but I may have been correct to predict that 3-D performer thing. 

Holy gimmickry, Batman!

Yes, Robin. These marketing types have no shame.

But Batman! How can they stay in business? Only a fool would buy such nonsense!

Yes, Robin. But one is born every minute. A sad fact of our human condition. 
Are you saying Batman is a fool or an audiophile or is there no need to distinguish?
Back in time, while working a room for a high-end dealer at the CES in Las Vegas, I heard a demo put on by Sony. They were using a processor in a room with six speakers, two in front, two on the sides, and two in the rear. I'll never forget the experience. The music was a performance recorded live in an intimate nightclub. The system literally put you into a seat right in the middle of the room, clinking glasses, cocktail waitresses, and all. 

BACCH is not marketing hype. There is actual scientific basis behind the implementation.
BACCH is partially based on Ambiophonics, and it is basically ambiophonics + head tracking. I use ambiophonics DSP in my listening setup, and it is fantastic. Imaging solidifies quite a fair bit, even with cheap computer speakers; clarity improves (depending on quality of speakers and setup). On my Audience Ones, which is already an imaging champ, the sound stage is wide and deep with excellent layering.

I imagine with head tracking and additional DSP, the BACCH should be even more impressive.
@andrewinukm Are u referring to the Audience 1+1? I had the latest version of that and had a heck of a time getting the setup and imaging to work properly in my small office. It improved once I added some room treatments but I decided to keep the LS50's over the Audience 1+1 V3. I always felt I did not get the best out of the Audience with my setup/room.

Getting back to the BACCH the price range for their 3 products is $20K to $50K. It will be interesting to see how this tech moves forward and into a wider set of products. The description of how headphones are made to sound like 2 speakers in front of you is interesting to me. Not a fan of how headphones sound now but would be interested in headphones if they sounded like floorstanders.
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Never ceases to amaze me that folks who have never experienced this unit can write such foolish nonsense Like Millercarbon.
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A lot of people like to offer opinions, both good and bad, on things they have not heard.

You just have to filter out the baloney

After having listening to the Theoretica Applied Physics Bacch-SP Adio, over the course of in total 10 hours on three different occasions in my local store with multiple different high end amplifiers and speakers, and up to 100 of my favorite tracks that I know by heart I last week decided to bring it home with me.

So it happens, I was in need of a solid streamer and a good performing DAC at the same time, and the Bacch SP (built by MSB Technology I have learned) is all of that.

Installation was made in the blink of an eye with the help of my local Theoretica representative and his associate.

I have the feeling I will never part from this machine and the technic it offers. I know, I now have a journey ahead of me to re-discover every piece of music I love and know by heart, and to discover new music with this companion at my side.

I am honestly in love with it. So is my wife. Its a joy to see her enjoy Queen Rhapsody in Rock, and the smile on her lips when I see her sitting there in the 3D sound cube in the middle of our living room sofa is just priceless. 

Wish you all a great day ahead.

Kind regards from Stockholm

I heard the Bacch-SP along with Janszen speakers at AXPONA 2022 and I was pretty impressed.  I'd like to demo it for much longer and with familiar tracks.  I might have to inquire about the possibility of an in-home demo/trial period...Also very interested in the Janszen speakers (A8-SE)!  I'm not sure which was more impressive...


I’m 47 and for 37 of those years I have been incrementallly moving towards this ultimate goal, but only with the addition of $2000 worth of sound

room treatments and the addition of The Bacch.4Mac Pro software was I able to surpass my wildest expectations#