The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?


Sansui 9090, Teac 550A RR , Pioneer cassette deck CTF8282 Pioneer PL530 TT 4 Sansui 7500 speakers all purchased when I graduated HS in Torrejon Spain.  Graduation present from mom and dad. Gave it all to my son a few years ago.  

Dynaco ST70 w FM5 tuner, AR2Ax speakers, and Thorens TT.

Bought from Audio by Zimet

I've had various Radio Shack all-in-one systems in my teens. Then I got a JC Penny MCS component system in the early 80s. Then once I found the local hifi shops, I started experimenting with various receivers and tape decks then CD players. I've had Kenwood, Aiwa, Yamaha, Nakamichi. For my vintage system, I still have my Denon PMA 757, B&O Beogram TT, Denon tape deck and Canton speakers from the mid-late 80s. Enjoy the journey!

@evank  haha ... similar experience.  Bought NAD 7220PE with Spectrum 208A speakers back in early 80s.  Still have them both ....

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