Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables

I'm getting the upgrade bug again. Would appreciate any impressions you have regarding these cables. I'm currently using Nordost Frey 2 and looking for a bit more warmth.  

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I have a set of Tellurium Q Black Diamond speaker cables and interconnects on loan from the US importer right now.  I can't wait to hook them up tonight!
Well, it has been 10 hours into the cable evaluation.   Here is a brief summary:
My rig has the following components:

Luxman 590Ax integrated
Luxman D-06U SACD
B&W 803 D3

It should be noted that my speakers are relatively new (less than 100 hours).

Current cables:

Power: Nordost Heimdall
Interconnects: Nordost Frey 2
Speakers: Nordost Frey 2

I had Tellurium Q Black Diamond Speaker cables and Interconnects along with the Black power cables. 

I was initially interested in the speaker cables since they made such an impression at the selling retailer (using Pass Lab with Penn Audio speakers).  The difference as compared to the Nordost was quite remarkable.  Expecting the same jump in performance on my system at home, I first replaced the speaker cables.  The was a slight difference in sound quality but not the huge leap experienced at the retailer.  In fact, the speaker cables seemed to "not play well" with the B&Ws - especially in the higher frequencies. 

The next step was to change out the power cables.   HOLY CRAP Batman!  Instantly, there was  more resounding bass that I could not only hear but feel.  It was as  if my system was on steroids.  Very impressed with the power cables!

I then changed the interconnects.  Not as dramatic a change as the power cords but certainly noticeable with better resolution, fullness of sound an note decay.  I was also able to hear subtle sounds in my reference tracks that I had never heard before. It was certainly a luscious icing on the cake!

So with my system being on the full Telluirum side, I decided to some A/B testing between the Nordost Frey 2 and the Tellurium Q speaker cables.  To be honest, there was not a huge difference between the two.  I will not be purchasing the speaker cables quite yet as perhaps I need my speakers to break in a bit more before I make a  final decision.  I will definitely try the speaker cables again in a few months as I suspect that they will ultimately out-perform the Nordost. 

As for the power cables and interconnects, well - that is an absolute "no-brainer".  I will be purchasing those today.

It was a great learning experience for me and re-affirms the need to test everything at home with your own components as there are way to many variables.  I started the process convinced that I needed new speaker cables - I was pleasantly surprised that power and interconnects made a much more dramatic improvement!

Just an FYI, the folks at Fidelis in Nashua, NH (US importer for Tellurium Q) are top notch.  I would encourage anyone interested in this brand to visit or call them.
Thanks! for sharing your impressions- greginnh.
After you purchase the cables/cords, and get about 500 hours on them,
re-post your listening notes/thoughts for me.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I kept the Tellurium Q interconnects and the power cords.  I was not enamored with the speaker cables.  I am auditioning Transparent Reference speaker cables right now and next week, the new top of the line Audience cables. 
I have been using Black Diamond for about a year and have not had the urge to change. Prior to using them I was going through 2-3 different cables annually. They are detailed, neutral, musical.  Could they be better? Maybe. But with all my equipment (tube and ss) I keep going back to them. I find them hard to beat for the price. They are especially good with tubes.  Silver and tube my be the only better combination. I will keep them in my system. Listen to music. And, keep my money in my pocket. They may not have the most reviews in the US, but they are a really good wire and do nothing wrong. But let's be realistic.  Review are a good start to something but not something to bet your purchase upon. BTW, I also play several instruments and know what music sounds like.  Give them an honest chance. If you do not like them, I would look elsewhere in your system.
Greginnh, if the cables you borrowed are new, they need 3-400 hours to fully burn in. Power cords work well with as little as 20 hours. Good luck and keep

Cellorover - thanks for the input. All demo cables and power cords had well in excess of 500 hours each.  As mentioned in my post, I was expecting the speaker cables to be the most dramatic by way of improvement.  Unfortunately, they were not.  I have been auditioning a new pair of Transparent Reference speaker cables and even with only 20 hours on them, I prefer them to the TQ Black Diamond cables.

I am also getting a set of the new Audience speaker cables next week to try for 30 days. 

I may circle back and try the TQ speaker cables again.  I am totally sold on the interconnects and power cords though!
Greg,  which speaker cables did you end up getting?  How did the Transparent compare to the Audience?  Which Audience you you audition?  I know it's been a few years....just curious what you ended up with.... 


I am looking forward to an update. Hope you are well and enjoying the Summer season. Happy Listening!

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Are you still using the TQ cable loom?
If not, which brand(s) of Cabling currently?

Happy Listening!
@jafant I still use TQ for my balanced interconnects and some of my power cords.   Hope you are doing well!

Thank You for the update. Any reason for not using a full loom of TQ in your system?

Happy Listening!
Im listening to alot of TQ now, just a straight up audition. System details below. I had mentally convinced myself the black series of cables were what I would prefer and they were horrifying bad in my system. I listened to Black Diamond ICs and Black II speaker. I really hated it to be honest...Then I listened to Ultra Silver ICs with Silver II speaker, it was alot smoother more musical, but the bass was constrained and mids didn't sound open. In all fairness these cables are new and need some more run in time. 

Overall though I can get a pretty good flavor these cables, broken in or not and they are proving not to be a cable I'd want to buy. Time will tell with the Silver series, they are vastly smoother than the Black in my system. Maybe they will magically open up, however alot of folks have reported they never break in, and I know TQ emphasizes their break in CD hardcore. Shouldn't be that complicated IMO. 

Speakers= Dynaudio Special 40
Amp= Sugden A21SE
Source- MSB Discrete DAC
Sub= Rel T5i
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thanks...I need to find a cable that will match off well with this system. I was considering trying Cardas Clear, Auditorium A23, and some of the Tara Cables. After that I give up. 

These speakers are a first order cross over, not sure if that makes is harder to match off a cable with them or easier. They are a very revealing speaker and the TQ do not seem to compliment that. 
Ended with a pair of Silver Diamond ICs, kind of blown away by these. Open, lots of air, mids and highs are accentuated but not bright, in fact they're smooth. It's really an interesting change...Need to order cables, may get the Ultra Black or Black Diamond. Not sure which to do with yet. 
So ended up with the Silver Diamond ICs and the Black Diamond on speaker cables. Looking ahead to a power cable now. 

The TQ reference level cables are really fantastic wire for a system. I didn't get as much life out of the lower models like Black II, Silver II etc. But there is a BIG step up when you get into Diamond, as there should be for the extra cost. 
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With further the listening the Black Diamond speaker is not turning out to be the right fit for my system. I may end up going to back to Black II, it was really balanced in my system. These are doing some odd things tonally that I don't like, hard to listen to at times. I've had wildly different experiences with TQ cables and the company is anything but helpful when you ask any sort of technical questions on their cables. They're down right evasive quite honestly, I really do not get it. 

What one needs to know about any of the Diamond cables in particular is they are a flat cable and should not be coiled at all. In my experience the slightest of coiling effects the sonics considerably, for me it was loss of bass and some mids. Once I flattened it improved, but there is still something missing that was just there with the Black II. It could be the positioning of the cable, TQ will not come out and admit it effects sonics, much like Nordost never will for their flat cables, but I can tell you from experience IT'S ABSOLUTELY a position sensitive cable. To some it won't matter to others it will , so hope it helps. 
JC Iam using the black diamond Speaker cables , they are amazingly good for my Andra and Tekton,smooth tends to remove sounds hardness as well.very neutral but with sweetness, no motion sickness or positioning effect.You can’t go wrong on the black diamond series.
I just received my black diamond cable ic, it’s used ,so it’s burn in , it is still settling , but my initial impression, it brings the best of the black diamond Speaker cables.In my system they complement each other perfectly., more musicality and huge soundstage.
Thanks Jayctoy...I have some speakers in for audition and the BD sound really good on those actually. With my Dyn special 40s they didn't sound as good, but with the Dyn Heritage a nice match. And they brought new life to the Audio Vector R1s I am auditioning as well. 

I also have a pair of Nightshade speakers from Verdant Audio in the mix and they are sensational. Every bit as good as the Heritage ($7k). I am super impressed with them, giving me pause for sure. It's a super fun shootout and I am happy to see the Black Diamonds are performing well on these higher end speakers. 

I am looking forward in reading more about the BD IC and your SA-10 player.

Happy Listening!
Jafant , the SA 10 is almost limitless fleshing out music , I choose the black diamond to see , if it’s capable or will it measure up to the magnificent SA 10 ,indeed yes, the BD was able to even bring the musical emotions of the music thru SA10.Its lightning fast , holographic and organic sound showed up after 2 days playing the SA10.

Thank You for the initial impressions and thoughts on Black Diamond.
Are you using a full loom ?

Happy Listening!
2nd note:
anyone auditioning or enjoying the Statement cables/cords in their system?

Happy Listening!
Yeah I am staying with the TQ BD for the Heritage. Considering the SD quite honestly but I'd have to try them first. 

are you still enjoying Tell-Q cabling?  Which Power Cords (PC) are you using now?

Happy Listening!
Jafant yes I love this Cables,tellurium Cables they are in between siltech and Nordost, you get the best of both siltech and Nordost, I just bought a super scout vpi tt from upscale with Hana SL cart very  happy with Audio Envy phono Cables, until I put a new black Tellurium phono cables then I realized how much more music Iam not getting from AE, the AE are superb the tellurium made them sound lifeless and dry.Their Black series are reasonably price but they are amazing, with your speakers they will shine.
Jafant Iam slowly introducing the ic and speaker cables, when I see good deal , I will start from blue power cord Tellurium model, although I believe the black are better.