USB-cable: In between Neo Oyaide d+ and Tellurium Q Silver? 150 - 200 range?

I recently borrowed a Tellurium Q Silver USB cable, but found it too expensive.

I then researched and ended up buying the Neo Oyadi d+ and that has disappointed me. 

Any recommendations for a cable in between? In the 150 - 200 range? 

I am connecting a Innuos music server with a RME Adi-2 DAC. 

Hello mtraesbo -
Which Oyaide Neo d+ did you try? There are 3 Neo d+ that I know of: B, A & S Class. I’ve got the A and like it it. Marked improvement in SQ over entry level Audioquest (Pearl) and all silver Pangea. Using it from Aries Mini to Schiit Eitr USB/SPDIF converter. Maybe the bar is set to low to be relevant to you, however.

Have been tempted to try the S class. Current pricing for the Shunyata Venom USB is very tempting too. Another in the price range is the DH Labs Mirage USB; also, AQ Carbon or Coffee.

Lots of love in the reviews for the AQ Diamond and Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 but both above (our) target $, unfortunately.

I replaced my AQ Carbon USB with the Oyaide Neo d+ A and noticed improvement in SQ— clearer treble and better soundstage.  So much of this is system dependent and synergistic though.
@ghosthouse It is the S that I bought. Most of the recommended ones are in the 500 $ range. It seems a bit too much, when I bought the DAC for a 1000 Euro :-(
Ah...okay, mtraesbo.  Sorry the S did not work for you.  YES -   Audioquest Diamond and Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 are in the $500 range.  

For more affordable options, research the Audioquest Coffee,  DH Labs Mirage, Shunyata Venom or Cardas Clear High Speed Serial Buss USB cables.  The Mirage, Venom & Cardas isolate signal and power conductors.  Not sure about the Coffee. In the Cardas, signal and power conductors are in completely separate cables.  The Cable Company is a good place to check pricing.  Used might get you the price you need (see Used  Good luck.