Just heard the new Tash Sultana disc, Flow State Wow, sounds like Santana meets Portishead. Just brilliant.

Heard this on the excellent KCRW radio station. Great music is being created around the world. Rare to hear it on the radio.

Also check out her "Instrumentals: disc  from 2017. She has some serious skills.

I have followed he from her first outing on Australia's JJJ station (which does more to support new talent to get out there). I have her FLOW STATE signed CD and Double Mint Green and Blood LP. She plays every instrument on her first album release. That's 12 different instruments and she is working on the Sax.

Her guitar work is unbelievable for a 23 year old former busker from Perth. You need to see her video taken in her lounge, look at her foot pedal work and synth. She is just finishing her World tour and is on stage near us this month. She IS a talent to be watched....

@amg56 Do you have any good links to here live performances? I have been listening to FLOW STATE now non-stop for the past few 2 days. I think I  like. 
I can’t get into most of her music but "Jungle" is amazing. The instruments and recording effects are mind bending.
@amg56  thanks, checking out the WGBH concert now. Very cool. Talented and unique.
Listened to Jungle and Blackbird yesterday with an expensive Mark Levinson + Magic A3 system. Wow, this girl can play. I am buying the A3 after that.
Watched and listened to all of her youtube stuff. She is a talent for sure, and has passion beyond most. Thx again yyzsantabarbara & amg56 ! Enjoy ! MrD.
New Tash Sultana out on Tidal today

"Terra Firma"

Listening as I post this.

Did not buy the Magico A3 after all. Got a speaker just as good or better and a better integrated than the ML 585 that I mentioned above. 585 is very good.
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