Ok, this is getting pretty esoteric since Synthesis are Italian made but has anyone compared these two amps? The Synthesis is 25 watts and the Coincident 8 watts but I will be driving very efficient speakers so if anyone has any thoughts on these two amps, especially if you have compared the two, I would be open to your thoughts.


I do not have any experience with the 27AC but I do have a fair amt of experience with Synthesis gear. I recently upgraded from the A40 integrated amp, incredible sound with a fantastic DAC, to the Synthesis Roma 98DC mono blocks and the Roma 117DC preamp. The quality and build of Synthesis gear is top notch. I will probably purchase another A40 for the family room system as my wife does not want multiple boxes and the sound was sublime, I have Audio Note speakers which love tubes. 

There is one currently for sale at USAudiomart that is local to me, I would not be surprised if he bought it at DejaVu Audio in McLean, VA. I would give VU and the guys at DejaVu a call to see what they have in trade-ins, I would imagine that the A40 I traded in is still available but it is significantly more than the 27AC. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Synthesis gear. I hope I was able to help. 


Very helpful, thanks John. As a matter of fact, that unit you mentioned is on my watchlist. I had pretty much decided on that when I ran across the Coincident. It has won numerous awards and seems to be quite special also. It would be fun to have them both in the same room to try out. Btw, I am building a pair of kit #2 AN/E’s. 

I am currently running a Synthesis Essence stereo amp, 25 watts from two pairs of 6l6/5881 tubes. It's on loan from Deja Vu in fact and sounds excellent powering my AN/J's. No personal experience with Coincident or the 27AC specifically.

Thanks @jond I appreciate your input. I'm not sure I can go wrong but but it would be nice if anyone was familiar with these specific amps. 

Sure thing I've never owned an AN amp my dealer is Deja Vu Audio and they make great custom tube amps from a mix of vintage and new parts. I ran an EL34 stereo amp they built for 15 years at 20 years of age it gave out. So I picked up an older 2a3 pushpull amp they had there but it had some issues and is currently being repaired. Hence my using the Synthesis amp they are a Synthesis dealer as well as an AN dealer.

Thanks. Yes, I spoke to Mike there and he said he wants to buy an amp and is having a hard tome choosing between AN and Synthesis. That tells me how good the Synthesis must be!